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  • Add: Preference to disable signature check for updates/installs
  • Add: Preference to disable download version check
  • Add: Preference to allow downgrades (debuggable) and installing pre-A6 apps (starting Android 14)
  • Add: Display localized product name and description (credits @BLumia)
  • Add: Export/import the repositories
  • Add: Export/import list of installed apps
  • Add: Room Kotlin KSP code generation
  • Add: ConnectionPool & redirections to Coil calls
  • Add: Opening IzzyOnDroid links (credits @GitGitro)
  • Add: Network constraint to Download works
  • Add: Own client & connectionPools for CoilDownloader
  • Add: ForegroundServiceType for works (Required on A14)
  • Add: Package source to session installer (SDK33+)
  • Add: Explicit field for HTTP proxy address
  • Add: Option to use DownloadManager API
  • Add: AppManager installer
  • Add: System installer (credits @0x50f13)
  • Add: Linking database from Application
  • Fix: Calling Tor addresses
  • Fix: Make RootInstaller null-safe
  • Fix: Auto-sync on "Only charging"
  • Fix: Adding repo using scanner
  • Fix: Detecting updates of multi-repos apps
  • Fix: Clicking updates notification
  • Fix: Launching parallel updates
  • Fix: Updating apps in the background
  • Fix: Install notification
  • Fix: External search calls
  • Fix: Opening an app from repo url
  • Fix: Crash on searching special chars
  • Update: Rebase to use one activity
  • Update: Replace RxJava usage with Coroutines
  • Update: Replace OkHttp with Ktor (except for Coil)
  • Update: Migrate download, exodus & sync backend from Sevice- to Worker-based
  • Update: Convert InstallerService to BroadcastReceiver
  • Update: Revamp the ExodusAPI classes
  • Update: Respect version code and source ("fdroid") when fetching ExodusInfo
  • Update: Move ExodusInfo fetching into AppSheet
  • Update: Allow parallel downloads from different repositories
  • Update: Allow parallel sync of repos
  • Update: Cache apks in external cache
  • Update: More open network security policy
  • Update: Make root session installer default if A13+
  • Update: Make product queries observe all relevant entities
  • Update: Optimize the main products query
  • Update: Revamp all installers
  • Update: Revamp Installer works
  • Update: Revamp Downloader
  • Update: Revamp proxy handling
  • Update: Revamp Repository data class
  • Update: Differentiate between double and single list VMs
  • Update: Replace appsToBeInstalled list usage with InstallWorker
  • Update: Allow pre-composing all pages
  • Update: minSDK to 24
  • Update: targetSDK & compileSDK 34
  • Remove: Dependencies of deprecated usage
  • Add Repos: Aniyomi, Koyu, Kuschku, Kvaestiso, Etopa, Metatrans Apps, Gadgetbridge, FUTO, Grobox, Julian Fairfax, spiritCroc Test, Zimbelstern, Cromite, Divolt Repo, Rboard, Cake Wallet (credits @GitGitro)
  • Add Repos: Samourai Wallet Repo (credits @RequestPrivacy)
  • Add Repos: Julian Andres Klode's repo (credits @ishanarora)
  • Add Repos: PurpleI2p, INVISV, Monerujo, iodé, spiritCroc, DivestOS Unofficial, Funkwhale… +28 other
  • Fix Repos: The description for PeterCxy's Shelter repo (credits @ishanarora)
  • Fix Repos: c:geo repository (credits @ishanarora)
  • Fix Repos: Cromite repository address
  • Fix: Using cache when external isn't available (credits @hg42)
  • Remove Repos: Fluffy Chat (stable and nightly), Ungoogled Chromium, i2p


  • Add: Preference to show/hide categories bar
  • Add: (Products)List, StringInput DialogUIs
  • Add: Block border to sheets & pages
  • Add: Categories app info chips
  • Add: New apps carousel layout
  • Add: Optional alternative BottomNavBar item layout
  • Add: Optional alternative new apps layout
  • Add: Dynamic theme variants
  • Add: Medium and high contrast themes
  • Add: Option to hide the new apps bar
  • Fix: Switch layout on low-dpi/multi-lines
  • Fix: Screenshots scaling issue after opening once
  • Fix: Pre-mature cutting horizontal products recycler layout
  • Fix: Avoid forgetting expand-state of description text
  • Fix: Ghost clicking settings when search is expanded
  • Fix: Hectic sorting of downloads in downloads list
  • Update: App's icon
  • Update: Theme colors (MD3 v2/tonals)
  • Update: Split Installed page to two tabs
  • Update: Revamp repositories page
  • Update: Make pagers animate scrolling
  • Update: Larger layout corners
  • Update: Revamp all pages
  • Update: Revamp all sheets (now composables)
  • Update: Revamp all dialogs (now composables)
  • Update: Revamp all items (using ItemList)
  • Update: Revamp all components
  • Update: Revamp screenshots layout
  • Update: Resort Main pages
  • Remove: Scrollable top bars
  • Remove: Option to hide categories bar


  • Add: Permission ignore button
  • Add: Kids mode
  • Add: Apps list to Repository info
  • Add: Qr Code to repo sheet
  • Add: PrivacyPoints to PrivacyPanel cards
  • Add: Licenses filters
  • Add: Preference to keep notification of successfully installed app
  • Add: Swipe down to close gesture to screenshots viewer
  • Add: Swipe to navigate between pages
  • Add: Singular search page
  • Add: (De)select all buttons to multi-selection filters
  • Add: Launch search page on receiving search Intent
  • Add: More categories icons
  • Add: Erase button to items in downloads log
  • Add: Preference to allow unstable updates to each app
  • Add: All Anti-features in PrivacyPanel
  • Add: Permission to install packages
  • Add: Search when to-be-opened package doesn't exist
  • Add: Option to confirm before downloading an app
  • Add: Device or biomteric lock options on download dialogs
  • Fix: Showing updatable label for Product items
  • Fix: Showing right version in AppSheet's header
  • Fix: Showing downloaded version (in downloads log)
  • Update: Differentiate between having no trackers and lacking exodus data
  • Update: Convert auto-sync interval unit to hours
  • Update: Alphabetically sort current downloads in Installed page
  • Update: Hide inactive sort/filter options
  • Update: Communicate status on download errors
  • Update: Bind short description lines limit to extended state
  • Update: Show short description for unexpanded description
  • Update: Using pager in App Sheet for Privacy Panel
  • Update: Better download state communication
  • Update: Revamp download and sync notifications
  • Update: Use categories grouping in Explore page
  • Update: Prefer search results with last update not longer than 1 year ago
  • Update: Text to show when no compatible releases exist
  • Update: Show dialog before opening source code
  • Remove: Search bar from Main pages
  • Remove: Zooming on screenshots

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