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You were expecting it, the dark theme is now available !!
You can choose it for your Security app, from the android settings or the menu in the app drawer.

Other changes:
- Fix geofencing for Android 10
- Quick action menu redesign
- Choose profile photo from contact list
- Add 48 hours option for event deletion

Leave your home with peace of mind thanks to Netatmo's smart security solutions: Indoor and Outdoor Cameras, Sensors, Indoor Siren and Smoke Alarms. Your home is protected from burglaries and fires. All the products can be installed together or separately, and they all work with just one app: Netatmo Security. There's free video storage and no subscription fee.
This application requires that you have a Netatmo smart security products.

• Receive a real-time notification via your smartphone when an unknown person or vehicle is detected on your property.
You decide what to do next.
• Set your Outdoor Camera to receive only useful alerts with the Alert-Zones feature and precise notification parameters.
• The built-in smart lighting system helps deter intruders and even helps you find your way at night.
• Video storage and all Outdoor Camera features and upgrades are permanently available without subscription.
• Your Outdoor Camera is easy to install as a replacement for an existing outdoor light.

• Receive alerts in real time and take action if an intruder enters your home.
• Familiar or unfamiliar face? With facial recognition and immediate break-in notification, take action only when necessary.
• Protect your family’s privacy with facial recognition: disable notifications and video recordings of them.
• Video storage and all Indoor Camera features and upgrades are accessible at all times without subscription.
• Your data is always secure. Store it locally on a microSD card with high-security encryption and, if you wish, on the cloud.

• Add the Sensors to your Smart Indoor Camera and save yourself valuable time in case of a break-in.
• Receive a notification from the Smart Door and Window Sensors via your smartphone even before a break-in.
• Check whether doors and windows equipped with sensors are open or shut directly in the app.
• The Sensors are easy to install. They can be applied to any type of door or window.

• The Netatmo Smart Indoor Siren and Smart Indoor Camera work together to keep your home extra safe.
• Automatic 110-decibel alarm when an intruder is detected.
• Alarm System arms and disarms itself automatically.
• Install it in minutes.

• Be alerted in the event of a fire, wherever you are.
• 85-decibel alarmsounds if smoke is detected.
• Real-time smartphone notification.
• 10-year* battery lasts the lifetime of your Smoke Alarm.
• Disable the alarm from your smartphone or manually.
*Life span for typical use. The battery’s life span may vary based on the use of the Smart Smoke Alarm. For further information, please go to:

Find out more about Netatmo security products by visiting

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