New Feature: Friendly Match Lobby!
- Join or create a persistant Friendly Match lobby from your team page
- Easily set the course, powerups, and skill cap for your game
- See who’s in the lobby and manage players before the game starts
- Return to the Friendly Match lobby between games and play again
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a bug that caused some team chat messages to show up as black boxes
- Fixed a visual bug with power-up selection in the ‘All Powerups’ challenge mode
⛳️ An intense real-time multiplayer golf battle!

You've never played golf like this before! Team up, challenge your friends or play online against the world to get to the top of the clubhouse.

Play on some of the most wildly creative courses ever imagined. Customize your golfer and pack your bag with all sorts of power-ups like sticky balls, grenades, lasers and more.

Golf Blitz is an entirely new way to play the outrageously fun multiplayer Race Mode from the award-winning Super Stickman Golf series. No cheaters. No slowpokes. ALL BLITZ!

• Compete: Play in real-time 4-person multiplayer races to the hole! Earn trophies to get to the top of the global leaderboard.
• Show-off: Over 15,000 combinations of fun golfer avatars and memorable hats!
• Team Up: Chat with your buds, play friendly matches, get your own team leaderboard and trade cards!
• Power-Up: Golf Blitz includes 16 unique balls all with their own upgradeable level system and special gameplay effects
• Upgrade: Earn XP to level up your golfer's skill set to best suit your play style
• Spectate: Like to watch? Stream live matches from all over the world to learn from the pros.
• Replay: Watch your own personal highlight reel—the new replay features means you can relive your best Golf Blitz moments!

Golf Blitz requires a network connection to play


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