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v1.9.4 - 2/28/2017
- Material Dark Theme for Pro users!!!!!!!!
v1.9.3 - 2/26/2017
- Hotfix for band in status
v1.9.2 - 2/16/2017
- Enhanced LTE band detection (must opt in via settings)
- Alternate carrier detection modes (new settings)
- "More..." area for home screen which will give additional information.
- Added setting for exit behavior
- Added ability to add new carrier logos "on the fly".
- Enhanced International detection.
- and more.....

Basic Features
Connection History
Data Usage Reports
Access Dialer Codes from Notifications
"Ok Google" support for Dialer codes ("OK Google Start Signal Spy")
Android Wear support for Dialer Codes

Pro Features
No Ads
Detailed History
- Additional information on history cards
- Detailed view for each history card with additional data
Automatic Dialer Codes
- Root supported direct switching
- Non-root supported switching (requires Accessibibility support)
Advanced Data Usage
- Variable date data usage reports
- Sortable by name or MB used
- See data used by carrier
Data Limit
- Set daily limits to warn you when you use too much data
- Ability to limit data usage when you cross a user defined threshold
Other Tools
- Android 7.1 App Shortcuts

Signal Spy allows users to be better informed when it comes to their cellular service. It allows you to see signal strength and technology in real time. We can also tell you what LTE band you're using on Sprint and T-Mobile so you can understand what speeds and features to expect. Signal Spy also keeps a history of all of your connections: when you connect and disconnect from WiFi, and what carrier you're using! Pro Users can now see a history of Wi-Fi and Cellular connectivity along with signal strength and location!

For Project Fi customers, users will also be able to better manage their experience by easily swapping between carriers with our dialer code shortcuts. Our network switching logging will be extremely useful to show you how often you switch between Sprint and T-Mobile networks. We also have a resources page within the app dedicated to resources that Fi users have found helpful with their service. Note though that our app will not automatically switch for you, and that all switch requests will revert after 2 hours. This is a ramification of using the dialer codes and cannot be controlled by Signal Spy.

Have questions, bug reports, or feedback? Send an email to the developers from the about page!

Explanation of Permissions:
Location: In order to determine your LTE band, we need to access information about that tower. Accessing tower information requires the coarse location permission because of the data you can extract from that tower. We also use Location to determine where events took place (you can turn this off in settings)
Phone: In order to use the dialer, which is necessary for the carrier switch codes, we need to have the phone permission
Contact: In order to restore previous purchases on other devices, we need to verify your Google account and confirm add on payments. We don't store your contact information outside of your device

Developers: Bryan Gintz, Ziggy Dziegman and Yara Abdallah
Art Contributions: Andrew Carter and Brandon Pence

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1.9.7 APK
April 28, 2017
Android 5.1+
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