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Okta Verify push notifications leverage the power of the Okta risk engine to provide a more secure, context-aware sign-in.
Updated the color of text, icons, and other elements in the app.
Customer org logo updates take less time to appear in the Push challenge screen.
Updates throughout the app in all Okta-supported languages.
Fixed an issue in which users were erroneously shown a notification about malicious activity.
Fixed an issue that prevented the Terms and Conditions page from displaying.

Okta Verify is a lightweight app used for 2-step verification to confirm your identity when you sign in to your Okta account. This gives you an extra layer of security so that you - and only you - can access your applications.

When you sign in to Okta, you can use Okta Verify to obtain a temporary 6-digit code or to approve a request notification sent to your device (your organization must enable notifications to use this feature).

Okta values your privacy. Okta Verify does not store personal information - we request permission only for your device camera, which is used to scan a QR code to register your device with Okta.

App Features

* Enroll in Okta Verify as a new user by registering your mobile device with your Okta account.
* Add one or more Okta accounts that require Okta Verify for authentication.
* Manage 2-factor authentication for non-Okta applications and web services that require the use of passcodes.
* Approve or deny sign-in requests on your device from a push notification (if enabled).

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April 22, 2020
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