How to use it

To use that Cricket Score on your OnePlus smartphone, you need to have the updated Launcher version to 3.3.4 and also install the Cricket Scores App.

The fastest way to get Cricket scores on your OnePlus 🏏

We’ve always developed our software keeping the best interests in mind. And for a country that loves its Cricket more than anything, this was an obvious choice.

Presenting Cricket Scores within OxygenOS. Now you’ll be able to access and follow your favourite teams and tournaments right from the Shelf. With Cricket scores it’s easier than ever to keep track of live cricket score updates, tournament fixtures and upcoming games.

Get the latest Launcher (3.3.4 and above), add Cricket Scores to your Shelf and get real-time updates on scores and teams that you follow. Get league updates and detailed information from Sportskeeda !


⚡️ Quick Access

Add Cricket scores as first card in your Shelf for quickest access to live match scores and team updates!

🔔 Floating Window

With floating widget, never miss out on a second of game updates. Keep Cricket Scores floating bubble over any app and always stay updated.


Set reminders for upcoming games and league stages. Cricket Scores will make sure you’re aware before a match starts. Or if you missed it, swipe left to Shelf to see ending scores and victory details.

📅 Schedule

Keep track of league stage with upcoming matches and schedule of the tournament. Never miss out on any game.

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May 13, 2021
Android 11+
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