OnePlus Buds Pro:
1. Noise control: Switch between modes such as Noise cancellation and Transparency with just a "squeeze and hold" on the earbud stem;
2. Zen Mode Air: melodious and beautiful white noise to help release stress and focus on yourself.

1. If you're unable to find the new features after updating the app, please update your phone to the latest version and try again;
2. The new features are only available on the stable version of Android 11 on OnePlus 6 and above.

The OnePlus Buds app allows you to update OnePlus TWS' firmware and change its settings.

Now, you can connect the OnePlus TWS to OnePlus devices through a dedicated pop-up window.

Try out features like:
1. In-ear wear detection
2. Headset touch settings
3. Find headset
4. Consistent headset firmware upgrades

1. This app is only available on OnePlus devices.
2. If you're unable to find the features after downloading the app, please update your phone to the latest version and try again.
3. Some features are only available on the stable OS version of OnePlus 6 and above.

Some tips:
1. Check the battery level of the headset and headset box
2. Quickly find earphones
3. Update the headset software

Why is OnePlus Bud installed in my phone?
The interaction between OnePlus smartphones and our newly-introduced true wireless headset is tied with several system settings. To ensure a seamless experience, we pre-installed the OnePlus Pods app (now we renamed it to “OnePlus Buds”) in the latest stable updates for OnePlus 6 and above devices.

As more and more users enjoying the OnePlus Buds, we keep receiving some customization suggestions regarding our true wireless products. This requires us to boost the product iteration, so we decided to put the app on the Google Play Store to provide our users with the latest perfected experience. We are also evaluating the technical solution of system-level decoupling. Stay tuned.

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September 7, 2021
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