Festivalisation is more than just a visual uplift, it's a way of life with new icons and colours.
When you Level Up or earn a new Achievement, there's now a colourful screen immortalising your accomplishment.
Message requests improvements simplify new requests and notify those contacting you.
Improvements to Group Edit/Creation, as well as Audio Stage preferences have been implemented to get the party started.
Various other tweaks, improvements and enhancements you'll find exploring the scene.
Experience the World’s Online Festival - an incredible user-created world filled with Group Chat, Live Audio Shows, Friendship and Entertainment.

💬 Discover a large variety of Chat Groups - find a group where you truly belong - make friendships for life.

🎶 Explore Live Audio Stages - watch user-created shows that inspire you, entertain you, delight you, and make you laugh or cry.

😎 Create your own Groups and Shows - attract a following, and express yourself to your new audience.

👾 Play fun Games while you chat - compete with your friends or engage in fun shared experiences.

👑 Earn reputation points and achievements, become a high-level legend amongst the WOLF community.

🎭 Express yourself safely in a fun, eclectic community by reinventing yourself with your own WOLF profile, and mix with a culture of like-minded people.

WOLF takes the magic of the festival experience, and brings it to your online social life - we unite people across the globe in fun, entertainment and belonging. Join our unique online world today.


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February 19, 2020
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