v3.2 (27/1/2018):
- Added option to hide apps from drawer
v3.1 (11/26/2017):
- Added option to remove white gradient under dock
- Should fix popup arrow on small screen
v3.0.1 (10/26/2017):
- Fix crash on MM
v3.0 (10/26/2017):
- Based on Pixel Launcher 8.1.0-4348501
- Automatic dark theme (for Android 8.1)
- All previous modded features
v2.0 (10/21/2017):
- Add option to force colored Google logo
- Add option to enable dark text
- Add option to disable 'At A Glance'
v1.8 (10/20/2017):
- Add option to force round icons
v1.7 (10/18/2017):
- Fix settings crash on Lollipop
- Fix grid size on Moto devices
- Revert "Force colored Google logo on any wallpaper"
v1.6 (10/18/2017):
- Improve notifications pulldown
- Added an option to enable the included dark theme
- Added a shortcut to enable notification access
- Hide Google Now Launcher from app drawer
v1.5 (10/15/2017):
- Add bottom margin for devices without navigation bar
v1.4 (10/15/2017):
- Add support for Android 5.0
- Force colored Google logo on any wallpaper
v1.3 (10/15/2017):
- Fix weird crash on Galaxy S8
- Add round search bar in app drawer
v1.2 (10/14/2017):
- Add support for Android 7.0
- Add circle shape to icon shape selector (for Android O)
- Show icon shape selector without having to enable developer options (for Android O)
v1.1 (10/14/2017):
- Change accent color to Pixel blue
- Add pull down to open notifications drawer

The Rootless Pixel 2 launcher for Android 5.0 - 8.1
The Pixel 2 Launcher was released not long ago. But some features only work when installed as a system app so I decided to make this.

- Enable google now and weather without installing as a system app
- Enable notification badges for M & N
- Add pull down to open notifications drawer
- Fix blue folders on Xperia devices
- Change accent color to Pixel blue
- Add circle icon shape for Nexus on stock O
- Force circle icons option
- Force colored Google logo option
- Dark theme
- Dark text theme
- Hide apps
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8.1.0-4348501-modded-3.2 APK
January 30, 2018
Android 5.0+
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