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Introducing Image Galleries in posts!

Now, whether you're a visual artist sharing a series of illustrations, or a podcaster sharing photos from a recent event, you can upload as many images as you like to a post, creating a beautiful image gallery with an intuitive viewing experience for your patrons.

With bulk upload no more resorting to clever hacks or Photoshop tricks! Simply select the images from your camera roll and publish them to let your patrons get a deeper look inside your world.
Hi, we’re Patreon. We believe people who make great things should get paid for the value they give to the world. On Patreon, creators get paid by their fans for making the things they’re already making (videos, songs, webcomics, anything)! For fans, this is a way to support your favorite creators for making the stuff you’re crazy about. Together, creators and patrons foster a community of awesomeness by empowering the new generation of content creators.

Patreon’s new Android app brings creators and fans together like never before.

* Interact with your favorite creators in real-time when they go live on a post
* Stay up to date on the latest from the creators you pledge to
* Comment on your favorite creators’ posts
* Discover and follow new creators

* Create and share new content with your patrons
* Leave comments and replies on your posts, including photo comments
* Go live! Notify your patrons when you are active on a post so they can chat with you in real-time

Interested in starting a Patreon page? Visit patreon.com/creators for more information
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