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With this update, improvements have been made to your privacy policy to take into account General Data Protection Regulation. Additional enhancements have been made to ensure that your toothbrush and the Sonicare App work together to provide you with the best brushing experience. Update now to make the most of the changes.
Maintaining good oral care habits—and figuring out ways to improve your oral health—can be tricky, even with regular trips to your dentist. The Philips Sonicare app knows your smile says a lot about you and when it comes to your brushing technique, there are two things you’ll want to be confident in: first, that your mouth is getting a complete clean, and second, that your teeth and gums are healthy and protected.

Sonicare’s Innovation team partners directly with Dental Professionals to ensure you get the most advanced and beneficial solutions, for a healthy mouth and confident smile.

In the Philips Sonicare App:

Progress Report
The Progress Report connects to your Sonicare toothbrush to collect your brushing habits. Each week, you will receive an accurate, easy-to-read report, giving you personalized brushing insights you need to improve and maintain your healthy smile, for life.

Goals Tracker
Want whiter teeth, healthier gums, or fresher breath? Set a goal with the Sonicare app, and it will follow your progress, giving you personalized progress feedback along the way.

Mouth Map
Realtime guidance, as you brush. Mouth Map monitors your brushing pressure and shows you the spots you’ve missed, ensuring consistent, healthy and complete coverage, every time you brush. Simply sync the App to your Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart or Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum Connected toothbrush and let the App guide you to a cleaner, happier smile.

The dentist is ready to see you! With Sonicare’s Teledentistry solutions, get a personalized, comprehensive dental evaluation from a Licensed Dental Professional, within 24 hours. Just some quick background info and a few photos of your mouth, Teledentistry solutions means there’s no need to wait.

Dental Professionals
Communicate with your dentist between visits by sending your oral care goals and progress reports to your dentist, directly. And by recording your trouble spots (like gum recession or cavities), the Philips Sonicare app provides personalized, dentist-approved advice. The Sonicare app helps you be mindful of check-ups and will remind you when it’s time for your next appointment.

Automatic Brush Head Re-ordering Service**
Never run out of replacement brush heads again. The Sonicare app monitors your brush head’s actual usage and the brush head re-ordering service automatically delivers replacement brush heads at just the right time.

Brushing, dental hygiene and some Dental Professional features in the Philips Sonicare app require Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart or DiamondClean 9000, FlexCare Platinum Connected or ExpertClean toothbrushes. Teledentistry features can be accessed without connecting a Philips Sonicare device.

Certain Sonicare app features, like Mouth Map, Oral Health Coach and Goals Tracker are available to users with either a DiamondClean Smart or a FlexCare Platinum Connected toothbrush.
* Teledentistry solutions are currently available in the United States
** The brush head re-ordering service is available in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Japan and Italy.

Download the Sonicare app to get started. The App’s simple onboarding will guide your experience, whether you are connecting a toothbrush, tracking your brushing progress or communicating with a dentist.
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