Please Read the entire Description before You install
and Make sure, you have theme store on your Galaxy Device
Don't Try.

This app is crafted for the people who really wants to have their own Theme on their Galaxy device

All the Galaxy devices running Stock 6.x/7.x are supported.
(Samsung Galaxy Note, S, J, C, A Series)


✺ 35+ system app overlays
✺ 15+ third party app overlays
✺ Keyboard Overlay
✺ Icon Pack Support
✺ has both Light and Dark theme variants Only for System apps
✺ Light SystemUI - default
✺ Inverted Light SystemUI
✺ Dark SystemUI
✺ Inverted Dark SystemUI
✺ Over 1000+ predefined colors to pick
✺ Archive theme source files (for theme designers)

Install free icon packs available on playstore. Paid icon packs most likely will not work.

How to build a Theme..?
1. Select colors (Primary, Status bar, and Accent) for Samsung apps
2. Select colors for the third party apps individually
3. Select the overlays that you want in your theme.
4. Give a name and build it. (Optionally, you can include wallpaper, and Icon Pack)
5. Install and apply the theme with Trial (Make sure the theme store is enabled)
6. Then, disable theme store and theme center to keep your custom theme.
When Coloring Keyboard, if the color is in white/grey the color picker won't let you to move it. So when it does move the hue slider first and then saturation then try to move color picker

To enable/disable theme store use Theme Store Control or Package Disabler(paid app)

All your custom theme APK and archive files will be in sdcard/themeGalaxy directory

If your device is rooted
Simply, disable/freeze the theme store and theme center package with any root based app like Titanium Backup

For rootless devices,
Use Theme Store control,
or Package Disabler app.

Read more@,

XDA Forum thread,

If you are using Package Disabler, Then
1. Disable/Freeze Theme Store
2. Clear Theme center data

Permissions Required
- Read/Write Storage (*Required)
- Internet (*Required)

Dark Variant still needs some work. Dark notifications are not supported by all apps. Some apps use custom styles and they were made for light notifications alone. Its really hard to change every app's notification color

Policy Declaration:
This app contains no malware/harmful codes. It just creates your Theme's APK file to install and apply as trial. As the themes are compiled on your device, Google play treats your apk as unknown sources and its completely upto you.

This is the only solution to have custom theming for Samsung. If you feel difficult, I can't be blamed.

This app collects no data from your device.

Please don't give low ratings.
If you have any compatibility issues just send me the details.
For all the upcoming features, overlays and discussions, have a look at my XDA Thread

All suggestions are most welcome.

Libraries Used in this Project :
- Pikolo Color Picker
- Chrisjenx Calligraphy
- Material Intro


From version themeGalaxy DIY for Samsung Galaxy Note/S/J/C/A ✺ 2.0 bs_rl5_comeback:

+ Icon Pack support. (Install Icon packs from Play Store and use it along with your theme)
+ Samsung Keyboard,
+ Samsung Calculator,
+ Google Contacts,
+ Google DIaler,
+ Google Sheets,
+ Google Slides,
+ Google Docs,
+ Google PlayMusic,
+ VLC Player,
+ Hotstar,
+ Fb Messenger rework,
+ Youtube overlay rework,
+ Dark Notifications Rework(Not for all apps)
- Removed Fonts (Policy violation)
- Removed Theme Store Control. (Policy violation)

All versions

Version:2.0 bs_rl5_comeback

Uploaded:October 20, 2017 at 7:30AM UTC

File size:5.04 MB