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- Fixes NetShield being disabled after login
- Improves WireGuard VPN connections

ProtonVPN is the world's ONLY free VPN service that respects your privacy and is safe to use. Millions of people use ProtonVPN because:

- We do not record your browsing history
- We do not display privacy-invading ads
- We do not sell your data to third parties
- We do not limit how much you can download

Proton's secure VPN is created by the CERN scientists behind ProtonMail, the world's largest encrypted email service with 20 million users, including many activists and journalists such as Reporters Without Borders.

Proton's free VPN Service includes:

✔ STRONG ENCRYPTION - Your data is protected with AES-256 and 4096 RSA.

✔ SWISS-BASED - Your data is protected by some of the strongest privacy laws in the world.

✔ NO LOGS. EVER - We never log or share user data. Even if authorities request information, we have nothing to share.

✔ PERFECT FORWARD SECRECY - Your encrypted traffic cannot be captured and decrypted later.

✔ MULTI-PROTOCOL SUPPORT - We use VPN protocols with robust security track records, such as IKEv2, OpenVPN, and WireGuard®

✔ DNS LEAK PROTECTION - We encrypt your DNS to ensure your browsing activity cannot be exposed through DNS queries.

✔ ALWAYS-ON VPN/KILL SWITCH - Protect your IP address from being leaked through accidental disconnects.

✔ FULL DISK ENCRYPTION - Our secure VPN servers are fully encrypted to protect your data.

✔ ANONYMOUS - You do not need to share any personal data to use ProtonVPN.

✔ SPLIT TUNNELING SUPPORT - This advanced feature allows you to select what traffic goes through the VPN tunnel.

✔ BYPASS BLOCKING - Smart protocol selection automatically overcomes VPN bans and unblocks censored content.

✔ TRUSTED - Our code has undergone a security audit and is open source.

✔ MULTIPLE PLATFORM SUPPORT - Easy to use and free VPN for iphone, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, and more.

ProtonVPN Paid Features

- 1400+ high speed servers in 60+ countries
- Access blocked/censored content and stream your favorite videos
- Secure Core servers which protect against network-based attacks with multi-hop VPN
- Support for file-sharing/BitTorrent
- Tor over VPN provides automatic integration with the Tor anonymity network
- Fast VPN: High speeds of up to 10 Gbps
- Connect up to 10 devices to VPN at the same time

Note: Free vpn users can only connect one device to servers in the US, Japan and the Netherlands.

Secure VPN: Proton's engineering and research teams are well-known in the security industry, and we maintain some of the world's most widely used open source encryption software. Whether it is challenging governments, educating the public, or training journalists, we have a long history of helping bring online freedom to more people around the world. ProtonVPN was also selected by Mozilla to provide VPN protection for Firefox users.

Experts’ opinion

Mozilla: “There are many VPN vendors out there, but not all of them are created equal. Proton VPN offers a secure, reliable, and easy-to-use VPN service and is operated by the makers of ProtonMail, a respected, privacy-oriented email service... As a company they have a track record of fighting for online privacy and they share our dedication to internet safety and security.”

PCMag: “[Proton VPN’s] focus on exacting security at an affordable price tag makes it a compelling choice. Plus, its free vpn version is the best we've tested so far.”

Join the privacy revolution
Your support is important as it allows us to continue our mission to bring online freedom and the right to privacy to people around the globe. Get our Private VPN free today and enjoy fast VPN and a secure Internet anywhere.

Notice for users in China and UAE - vpns, including ProtonVPN may be blocked in your country due to government restrictions outside our control.

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November 6, 2021
Android 6.0+
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