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- We created the “Permissions Center”, a new section of the app that allows you to check all the necessary permissions for the optimal functioning of dfndr security.
- We've optimized gallery functions, so you can clean up videos and photos even faster.
- We also brought general performance optimizations and fixed some bugs to make the app even better ;)
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dfndr security is the complete antivirus you need to keep your phone safe and optimized. Available for free download on Android, it serves to protect and optimize your device performance continuously with remarkable ease-of-use .

The PSafe app is #1 in digital security, installed over 200 million times worldwide. It protects you against scams, viruses, Wi-Fi theft, fake news, identity theft and much more. It also makes it possible to track your cell phone in case of loss or theft. In addition to protecting your device, dfnd security is lightweight and offers powerful optimization features such as charge booster,memory data usage monitor, memory booster, quick clean-up and CPU cooler.

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Key features of dfndr security:
✔ Full AV Scan: Antivirus Scan Protects Your Apps
✔ dfndr assistant: Optimize Phone Performance
✔ ID Theft Report: Protect Your Credentials
✔ Charge Booster: Power Up
✔ Memory Booster: Save More Memory
✔ Quick Clean Up: Free Up Phone Memory
✔ Data usage monitor: Monitor Internet Data Flow
✔ CPU Cooler: Never Overheat

Full AV Scan: Antivirus Scan Protects Your Apps
dfndr security provides real-time protection against scams, fake websites and fake news, as well as privacy risk scanning in your apps. Antivirus detects and removes malware and other threats automatically. Prevent identity theft by monitoring all your digital credentials 24/7. Receive alerts whenever there is a leak involving your data.

dfndr assistant: Optimize Phone Performance
dfndr assistant protects and improves the performance of your phone with just one click. It notifies you when you need to enable protection and cleaning, for example.

ID Theft Report: Protect Your Credentials
Register multiple emails and receive reports on the security of your accounts. You can monitor your credentials 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and receive real-time alerts if any of your emails have been leaked.

Charge Booster: Power Up
The dfndr security charge booster closes background apps that are consuming battery power, so you can charge your phone faster.

Quick Clean Up: Free Up Phone Memory
Remove junk files and caches from your smartphone's internal memory and your SD card. Junk files are created whenever you use an app. Therefore, it’s ideal to perform a daily cleaning of your device.

Data usage monitor: Monitor Internet Data Flow
Save your mobile data package. With this feature, you can find out how much each app consumes from your 3G/4G/5G and receive alerts when an app uses too much internet data.

CPU Cooler: Never Overheat
Identify application tasks that are consuming a lot of your phone's resources. This function is able to reduce the heating of the device and increase its performance.

dfndr security Pro and Ultra
Also get to know the Pro and Ultra versions, which offer access to exclusive security features, in addition to 24-hour monitoring of your credentials

Try Pro plan free for 3 days. If you love it, sign up for a one year plan.

Dfndr security uses the Accessibility permission to help users install apps safely and to protect them from scam attempts (i.e. alerting when a user clicks on a malicious link). Dfndr security also uses this permission to help users control their data usage and save battery.

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10.1.0 APK
March 22, 2023
Android 6.0+
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