Version: 24.0.11 (240011)
18.96 MB (19,881,379 bytes)
Min: Android 6.0 (Marshmallow, API 23)
Max: Android 6.0 (Marshmallow, API 23)
Target: Android 6.0 (Marshmallow, API 23)
Uploaded July 8, 2016 at 5:28PM UTC by Aaron Blankenship
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24.0.1 1 Release Notes
Feedbacks from customer are applied.

Applied Customer Feedback (Add Feature)

- Supporting QuickConnect for Note 5 Beta

Applied Customer Feedback (Bug Fix)

- Fixed empty sound path in Quick Connect Bar
- Fixed some issues of Lockscreen Widget List
- Fixed not working "OK" button on Safety Warning popup of hearing
- Fixed display issue of Multi SIM Manager in Notification Panel
- Fixed not launching proper Alarm App when touching Alarm in Quick Settings
- Fixed issue that unlock the Lockscreen when long press back key
- Fixed display issue of Notification Panel when Headup (Low Battery) or Category Notification appear
- Fixed not working MultiWindow by using Notification after re-boot
- Fixed SystemUI re-start issues
* FC when using LED cover (S7)
* FC when entering Routine setting
* FC after re-boot device
* FC when using Samsung OTG Adapter
* FC when selecting BT device in Quick Connect Bar
* FC when checking Quick Settings
* FC when entering Recent Apps
* FC when checking Headup Notification
* FC when using Feedback
This release does not have a Play Store Description, so we grabbed one from version 24.0.4:
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  • Ravi Jani

    Anyone else have sound icon misalinged? I have.
    Also if they allow custom tiles it will be epic in swipe right page.

    • John-Phillip Saayman

      Yes I see that.

  • Deniz Uğur

    Wow, they fixed the issue I mailed to them. That’s fantastic !!!

  • Jay Lovecraft

    Does anyone know if they fixed (or are working to fix) the inability to use fingerprint locking? I’m not sure how far reaching this issue is, but I know every Note 4 user seems to be unable to use this without the phone crashing and Good Lock uninstalling itself.

    • Christopher Diment

      Same problem with S5, Seems only Swipe Fingerprint style ones are affected. Shame really.

      • Hamza Amin

        Maybe that’s because they don’t want it to be used on Note 4 and older devices.

        • Bro

          They just simply haven’t supported the N4 and S5. The fingerprint crash won’t be fixed until Samsung supports them. Or not. We’ll have to wait and see. It may be possible considering that the S5 was supported for Samsung Music last week, which means that they’re still supporting it in general. I unimstalled Good Lock from my S5 last week because I don’t want to break my phone. I’ll just wait until I get a newer phone

        • Bro

          Nvrmnd, I’ve been doing research and it seems that GL py breaks specific models of the N4 and S5. Check your model before installing.

    • David

      They may not ever fix the Note 4 fingerprint issue since the Note 4 is not a supported device for this app.. Even though it works.. It won’t allow you to install it in Galaxy Apps.. Such a shame but why support a nearly 2 year old phone.. go and buy a new one please!

  • John-Phillip Saayman

    Anyone see multi window pane popping up on the right when you receive a message and it pops up at the top?

    • Hamza Amin

      Yes mine does. It also appears at random. So f*****g annoying.

    • dmakun

      Same here issue here on my galaxy note 4. It’s some kind bug I think. Do you know how one can email the developers about these issues? I’m sure my battery is taking a horrible hit with this bug.

      • John-Phillip Saayman

        Note 4 here also. I turned of multi window and it fixed it. More like workaround. But yes in good lock you can mail them under the feedback options. I’ll send a mail as well.

  • Salman

    I couldnt instal good lock 24.0.11 due to phrase error..any 1 help thanka

  • Salman

    I got this error while instaling ver 24.0.11 any one help

    • Stéphane (스테판)

      Same here! Is it finally working for you?

      • Kimi Kallio

        Omg really…? It’s only for Marshmallow 6.0 not for lollipop 5.0 or 4.4 kitkat… Galaxy S3 doesn’t have 6.0 update… Upgrade ur old device.

  • Marius Florin Pavel

    i’ve just notice that with this last update my battery draines faster and also there seems to be a bug when you pull down the notification window..its something like a horizontal line on the screen exactly like a drawed line white…so i have decided to go back to the previous version of good lock the 10 at least until they fix the bugs

  • Marius Florin Pavel

    anyone has the problem with the fingerprints? they are active but it seems that it does not meter cause if you swipe the screen the phone unlocks not taking in consideration that the fingerprint is active

  • Is there any way I can install it on my HTC One M8 ??

    • tarheel6279

      yea, a friend of mine did….I’ll ck w/him and post

  • Stéphane (스테판)

    I can’t install it on my Galaxy Note 3 because when I try to open the apk file I get a popup error.
    My smartphone is already too old I guess, what a shame. What about you guys?

    • Shawny

      I can but I kind of cheated. You obviously need a Touchwiz Marshmallow ROM so you should root your phone and flash some kind of TouchWiz ROM like that ArayaMoD s7 Edge etc and then you can use it.

      • tarheel6279

        just remember to tell folks that they can never unroot (completely)!

        • Y NeWONEx

          of course because it is not stock. btw whose care ! root is best thing you can get on your android phone . Adaway and xposed … etc

        • Johannes Jamekwane

          You can completely unroot

    • Johannes Jamekwane

      You must be on android 6 to run it

  • Leon

    If u see YouTube than you see Time ect 2x its looks so noob fixs this Samsung know this Ent dont fixs it.

    Fixs All the things en make good lock a good app not a app that looks noobie.

    I Hope that the fixs All this Stuff.

  • Asrend

    S view cover on galaxy s7 doesn’t work, can’t customize the screen

  • Aykut

    What why only for 6.0 mashmalow user?

    My device alpha 5.0 lollipop Samsung company very bad before information android M 6.0 confirm.. Now canceled. Whyyyy and this app why only 6.0 user S7 and not 5 user

    Fucking Samsung
    I love Apple

    • Mark

      Buy a Samsung phone with the price of an iPhone and stop complaining.

  • channinghaydeniii

    It would be extremely useful if static notifications would reside in the “keep” tab rather than the “all” tab. They are, after all, kept in the notification drawer.

  • Ganesh Jain

    Waiting for next update…..

  • dmakun

    It appears like 24.0.11 update will be the last Good lock version. Been waiting for the next release and its a month exactly today. Sad ????

    • Ganesh Jain

      I am checking site everyday for next update…????????

    • Bruh

      Unless they’re working on support for other phones? You might be right but they also might be just taking longer with updates now or working on support for other phones. I’m hoping its the latter, since my S5 can run it but isnt fully supported (Can’t use fingerprint lock or the system will crash and uninstall GL). Hoping to see a new update soon nevertheless…

    • No it’s not the last,

  • Dave Madden

    My S5 neo won’t access LTE, only 4G. Anyone else?

    • Mark

      But 4G is LTE -.-

      • Johannes Jamekwane

        LTE is 4G 🤔…

  • Rex

    Where to look for the recents panel. I can’t see it

  • Kuhan Kumar

    its wont work on samsung galaxy s5 SM-900F G900FXXU1CPGK

    • Brih

      What’s wrong? It works on my S5 (Can’t remember model number). To work it you need to be running Marshmallow and have your fingerprint lock disabled. GL doesn’t fully support the S5 so you can’t use the fingerprint lock or the system will crash and uninstall GL.

      • Kuhan Kumar

        My phone is runing marshmallow but its showing reboot your device then i cant find the app

        • Kuhan Kumar

          After i reboot my phone the app is lost i cant find the app

          • Brih

            Yeah that’s what happens when you have the fingerprint lock enabled. Disable it before installing and youll be good. That’s the only thing that doesn’t work with the s5. Its not a big deal IMO but I guess its your preference. Use a pattern password or swipe unlock. You can uninstall Good Lock anytime you want to go back to stock UI and use fingerprint lock again.

      • Kuhan Kumar

        Then y i cant set fingerprint at lock screen
        Please give me more improvement

  • Johannes Jamekwane

    For my rooted note 3 running note 7 grace ux rom is working perfectly…no issues at all..

  • Lendo

    When will be new version released?Or this is last version?

    • Pretty soon

      • Lendo

        How do you know that?

        • I have my own source c:

        • See, my sources never lies c:

    • Brih

      No idea. Samsung might’ve been busy with the Note 7 or this is the last update. I’m hoping they add support for the S5 and N4 since they can run it, just only the fingerprint lock is broken.

  • Andrei

    It is a new version of GoodLock, please relase the new version there,pls😁

  • Jonathan Francisco Urriola

    Good lock update 24.0.12 :D