Dictionary for Samsung privilege exclusive for Samsung device users
Increase your vocabulary using Touch Dictionary for Samsung whenever and wherever you encounter an unfamiliar word!

* May also be used as a "dictionary app" or a "floating dictionary" using the default Internet browser. *

1. Basic functions of Dictionary for Samsung
- The dictionary can also be installed as an app or used as a floating dictionary on a default app installed on a Samsung device.
- Supports 33 languages, including Korean, and contains a list of a total of 62 dictionary DBs.
- The more dictionary DBs there are, the more languages can be used to verify the definition of words.
(* Run the dictionary and click ‘More > Manage dictionaries > Available dictionaries’ to download desired dictionary DBs)

2. When used as a floating dictionary
Dictionary can be clicked and consulted without needing to install the app! To look up the definition of a word, simply touch the Dictionary for Samsung to search for the definition of a word.
- When you are reading while using a mobile phone, press and hold the word you want to search
- Click the "Dictionary" icon
- Use the pop-up view to find the definition of the word
- The floating pop-up may be adjusted up or down
- Click the Expand icon to open the dictionary window and find additional detailed definitions

**This dictionary is an application that helps you find the definition of a word by pressing and holding the word. The dictionary works in the default Internet browser, Notes, Messages, Contacts, etc. (It does not work on all apps installed by the user.)**

3. Used as a dictionary app
- Click the dictionary app installed to search for the word
- Can delete and download dictionary DBs of various languages on the "Manage dictionaries" menu
- If two or more dictionary DBs have been downloaded, the dictionary may be changed using the menu bar on ‘My dictionaries’
- Click “All” to view the list of all languages and select a language to use
- Use the "Clear history" menu to manage the search history
- “Search Web” offers a related search function that can be used to search for additional word definitions online
- Favorites (☆) used to search for the desired words only

**This dictionary may be downloaded free of charge to Samsung devices only.**

Detailed guide for required access items when using DioDict
Permission to save: Access to save required files such as database and fonts for dictionary storage and dictionary use by language
Permission to call: Access to device information to confirm purchase authentication

■ Contact: [email protected]

DIOTEK is now renamed as SELVAS AI and committed to achieving intensive professionalism in the field of artificial intelligence (AI).

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