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February 26, 2018
arm64-v8a + arm-v7a
Android 7.0+
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March 28, 2018
March 14, 2018
  • Krzysztof

    Doesn’t install on s8+ exynos Oreo

    • BDX

      There are no way to install these Samsung apps (excluding Galaxy Apps and maybe some other app too) on unrooted S8 with Oreo. Secure startup trick doesn’t work anymore.

      • Kevin R

        Secure startup works for me on Samsung GS7 – US model

  • Alex

    Working well on my S7 edge Mamzing new design

  • Haebin

    Works well on Note 8 Exynos Nougat design is great

  • crixu

    Work fine on S7 Flat. New desing is amazing

  • Rafael Freitas

    Not installing on the S8 (Exynos Oreo).

    • BDX

      There are no way to install these Samsung apps (excluding Galaxy Apps and maybe some other app too) on unrooted S8 with Oreo. Secure startup trick doesn’t work anymore

      • Kelvin Cheung

        You may need to wait for the software update. After rebooting, you can install those Samsung Apps until the phone reboot again.

  • Fatih02

    Dont stabil for s7 edge

  • Karina Zaripova

    Works on S7, love design

    • cardi

      yes it works but it does not sound sms and when i delete sms so persistent slim badge, message symbol so no update

      • crixu

        Restart phone and now all must be the work.

        • cardi

          does not help or restart apka is not working on S7 as it should have the same font size setting? hm? nowhere is nothing

  • Avinash Yaduvanshi

    Installed well but there are two bug 1st notification is not showing on lock screen
    2nd notification badges showing always

    • Fatih02


    • austin graham

      What phone? I cant get past the app not installed screen on my SD note 8 running nougat

    • Kevin R

      Same issues as you on my GS7
      Notifications seem to disappear if I lock the screen with the conversation open. Badge numbers go away after some time…

  • Dark Shaorma

    Work fine on S7 Edge (Exynos, Android 7.0)

  • cardi

    S7 ETL persistent snooze notification bad

  • theforevermachine

    doesn’t install on s8 snapdragon, shame, because I’d love to check out the new design.

    someone please take screenshots and post to galaxy s8 subreddit!

    • Kevin R

      What’s the error when you try to install?

      • theforevermachine

        “Installation failed” lol. That’s about as specific as it gets unfortunately. On nougat, it would give me a more precise reasoning, like “there is an app that already exists by that name” but ever since I started running Oreo, any failed app installation just says the simple messaging and leaves it up to my imagination to figure out what happened. lol

        • Kevin R

          Haha nice… very helpful error message. I still have to do the “secure boot” trick, but I’m running Nougat, not Oreo.

          • theforevermachine

            What’s this secure boot trick I keep seeing mentioned?

          • Kevin R

            So you go into your phone settings, find “Secure Boot” If it’s off, turn it on, set a passcode, reboot phone, then try to install the app.

          • Kevin R

            I guess it’s actually called Secure startup. In settings

  • Jon

    Does any one know how to install on a note 8 exynos running nougat it wont install for some reason. I can install any other built in app from apkmirror

  • Flávio Madeira

    Working on S7 Edge Nougat, but themes not changing color of text on received SMS balloons, always white and unable to customize, so can’t read text on dark themes.

  • Ben Ji

    Apk did not installed on Note 8 Snapdragon

  • Paige Dawson

    App works but white on white bubbles
    is a no go.

  • varun Rawtani

    It says that it conflicts with existing package. How to fix that?

  • There is very simple and easy trick to install apks via changing the apks signature no matter if your mobile is rooted or not

    • Shtereva/Balasa

      How did you do this? I get the message that the package exist… I have a S6 Edge Plus not rooted. I have updated all the apps but this one! It drives me crazy that I cannot install it. :)) Can you, please send me or share the unsigned apks? Thanks!

      • I deleted the unsigned apks but u can do it [i even use s5 neo]. Download and run APK Editor from play store and put in settings different signature for each apk and wait few sec and job is done

        • Carmine Lamberti

          can you post a guide?

        • Shtereva/Balasa

          My husband tried it, but I still get this message. Well, I guess I will have to wait for another version. The last one doesn’t work for me either. :(