[One UI 3 (Android 11)]

- Fixed the wrong value return from 'All apps' in app picker list
- Fixed the linked menu of some function in Fold 3/Flip 3

- Supports ''Prevent pop-up view minimization'
- Improved the issue that 'Enable multiwindow to all apps' is not working in some apps
- Adjust the font size in MultiStar after changing resolution
- Modified a message on multiwindow restriction

- Fixed the DB update error in device supporting Long live app
- Improve performance while using 'Flex mode with our best'
- Fixed minor issue

- Support 'Flex mode with our best' (Only devices supporting Flex mode)
- Support 'Fit the app aspect ratio' in 'Rotate with our best' (Tablet only)

Enjoy your Galaxy on wider screen with MultiStar.
- Immersive Mode : Hide status bar and navigation bar in split screen view
- The app size stretch to camera hole : Open the app by widening the camera area
* Quick launch of multi-window will no longer be available from One UI 3. Thank you for using this feature.

[One UI 2(Android 10)]

Fixed the error of 'Continue to use all apps front screen'

We have improved the usability of Flex Mode on devices that support Flex Mode.

When switching to Flex mode by folding the device, the screen easily switches to a split screen. In particular, Flex Mode provides controllers for easy control in music and video apps such as YouTube, etc.
* This feature may not be supported depending on the app.

I♡Galaxy Tablet added. (Tablet only)
-Supports wireless keyboard sharing (Try using the keyboard book cover as a BT keyboard on your phone)
-Whenever possible, we added a feature that supports vertical apps to display as much as possible in landscape mode.
I♡Galaxy Foldable (foldable only)
-Fixed a non-operation error that continues to use the front screen
(However, when MultiStar uninstalled with 'Continue All apps on front screen' turned ON, its value will be initialized because the function is provided only for MultiStar. This is normal.)

Galaxy Fold opens 'Quick launch of the Multi window' function
The long live app
- Add warning popup to Long Live App and change ui
- It is provided as a default function on some device models
* How to use: Recently run screen> Click on the app icon> 'Keep open for quick launching'
Added function for Galaxy Fold (Fold Star)
- Show the app always full screen when unfolding
- Set aspect ratio for each app
- When starting the app, do not show notice dialog
- Continue All Apps on front screen

Fixed a bug where some feature settings were not applied at reboot
- Multi-Window Screen zoom
- Set popup gesture size
- Prevent pop-up view minimization

Added new function
- Quick launch of the Multi window
- The long live app
- Pop-up view action UI
- Keeping pop-up windows last used
- Avoid minimizing pop-up view.

Deleted function
- Use the multi window without pausing
- Multi Sound

Enjoy enhanced Multiwindow experience.

Use Multi window without pausing
- You can use several apps at the same time on the Multi window mode without stopping.

[One UI 3 (Android 11)]
Immersive Mode
- Hide status bar and navigation bar in split screen view

The app size stretch to camera hole
- Open the app by widening the camera area

[One UI 2 (Android 10)]
Enable Multi window to all apps
- All apps can be launched in a Popup window and split screen.

[One UI 1 (Android 9)]
Ghost Mode
- When you use Popup Window, you can adjust the transparency of Windows so that you can see what is under the window.

Floating Notification
- You can receive notifications in the form of icons.

- Android O os 8.1~ SAMSUNG devices.

- English
- Korean
- Chinese

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July 27, 2021
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