Please check your OneUI version.

[One UI 5]

- Fixed errors that corner gesture
- Fixed errors that cover launcher widget

- It supports backup through smart switch.

- Fixed errors that did not execute longPress

※'One UI 5' device is available after this version.

[One UI 4]

- Fixed internal errors that MultiStar did not execute

- Bug fix to Quick launch of the Multi window

- Cover Launcher Widget function (※ Always On Display v7.1.30.4 or later)
:Support running the app directly from Galaxy Z Flip 3 cover screen
- Fix some menu descriptions

※'One UI 4' device is available after this version.
1. Support an option, 'Remove blur effect on adjusting split view'
2. Add I love Samsung DeX :
- Support high resolution regardless of the accessory
- Be able to use more apps at the same time
- “Rotate DeX with our best” in DeX on tablet screen

[One UI 3]

- Fixed the issue which it was not working after 'Pop-up view action' set ON at times.

-Added 'UDC with black' function (UDC device only)
* You can also control it through its quicksetting button.
-Fixed the touch error caused on fast split-screen by quick launch

- Fixed the wrong value return from 'All apps' in app picker list
- Fixed the linked menu of some function in Fold 3/Flip 3

- Supports ''Prevent pop-up view minimization'
- Improved the issue that 'Enable multiwindow to all apps' is not working in some apps
- Adjust the font size in MultiStar after changing resolution
- Modified a message on multiwindow restriction

- Fixed the DB update error in device supporting Long live app
- Improve performance while using 'Flex mode with our best'
- Fixed minor issue

- Support 'Flex mode with our best' (Only devices supporting Flex mode)
- Support 'Fit the app aspect ratio' in 'Rotate with our best' (Tablet only)

Enjoy your Galaxy on wider screen with MultiStar.
- Immersive Mode : Hide status bar and navigation bar in split screen view
- The app size stretch to camera hole : Open the app by widening the camera area
* Quick launch of multi-window will no longer be available from One UI 3. Thank you for using this feature.

[One UI 2(Android 10)]

Fixed the error of 'Continue to use all apps front screen'

Enjoy enhanced Multiwindow experience.

[ One UI 4]
Improved usability on the cover screen of Flip 3. (※ Always On Display  v7.1.30.4 or later)
-Cover launcher widget
Launch game apps or some media apps directly from the cover screen. (Flip 3 target, you can add up to 5 apps)

Use Multi window without pausing
- You can use several apps at the same time on the Multi window mode without stopping.

[One UI 3 (Android 11)]
Immersive Mode
- Hide status bar and navigation bar in split screen view

The app size stretch to camera hole
- Open the app by widening the camera area

[One UI 2 (Android 10)]
Enable Multi window to all apps
- All apps can be launched in a Popup window and split screen.

[One UI 1 (Android 9)]
Ghost Mode
- When you use Popup Window, you can adjust the transparency of Windows so that you can see what is under the window.

Floating Notification
- You can receive notifications in the form of icons.

- Android O os 8.1~ SAMSUNG devices.

- English
- Korean
- Chinese

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6.3.05 APK
March 20, 2023
Android 13+
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