Hi everyone. There is an update for NavStar v3.0.02.19.

- Fixed an issue where gesture hints occasionally remained in AOD when using transparent hints.
- Fixed an issue where gesture hints disappeared after exiting an app running in full screen when using transparent hints.

We apologize for the inconvenience during use, and we will make NavStar grow even more.
If you have any complaints or suggestions, please feel free to let us know through reviews or samsung members. Thank you.


The first version of One UI 3 has been released. Hello World!
Let's look at the new and changed features.

★ NavStar now supports gesture settings! ★

- Transparent hint

You can remove the background at the bottom while using the gesture mode with hints on.
Now get a wider screen while using the navigation bar hints!
※ If you use this feature, it may not work properly on some screens.

- Back gesture sensitivity

This is a feature that only supports "Swipe from sides and bottom" gestures.
You can adjust the sensitivity of the left and right gestures in 6 steps, respectively.

- Gesture handle

You can set the gesture handle of the navigation bar to suit your device.
It is slightly thicker and more distinct than the normal gesture handle.

1) Gesture handle width

This is a feature that only supports "Swipe from sides and bottom" gestures.
You can adjust the length of the gesture handle in 9 steps.

2) Color

You can set the gesture color handle you like.
Based on selected color, gesture handle color is set according to the background
If you apply the theme, you can decorate the device even more beautifully!

And Button settins have the following changes.

- Remove "Rotate button on navigation bar" option

Now you can set this option in the detail page of "Auto rotation" by expanding the quick panel.

- Support hiding navigation bar in split window

You can hide the navigation bar in split window with the "Show and hide button".
※Currently only supported by phones. Tablets and foldable devices are planned to be supported later.

- Add "Volume up / down" buttons

Now you can add a button to control the volume on the navigation bar.

Create your own navigation bar.

- You can show and hide the navigation bar.

- You can change the color of the navigation bar.

- You can add useful buttons to the navigation bar.

- You can change the icon of the navigation bar to your favorite image.

- If you are using gesture mode, you can change the hint background, handle length, and color.

- English
- Korean
- Chinese

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