- Folder icon shape and color customization
- Apply RTL
- UI improvement and other errors correction

- Modified issues of app compatibility

- Improvement of visibility of generated themes.
- Some UI improvements for usability.
*Fold 3/Flip 3 or later
- Support to import the downloaded icon packs
- Change an app icon shape
- Support to create an icon pack

-Volume panel theme is supported (OneUI3.0)
-You can change the color of the toolbar icon on the keyboard.
-A style for dark mode is added
-Some animations are added to improve usability

-Supports Quick Panel theme of Quick Star
-Fix for force close when importing the theme that used the image for the keyboard

- Import from theme park's theme
- Other minor bug fixes

- Add customization UI for the chat bubble BG in Message app
- Theme list and theme creation screen will be in dark mode, when device is dark mode.
- Fixed a keycap shape error on Keys Cafe
- Fixed minor bugs and improve internal logic

Please feel free to feedback any inconvenience you find during use.
■ Theme creation function for quick panel
■ Quick panel theme customization function
■ Overall UI improvement
■ Landscape mode supported on devices with sw700 or higher
■ Tablet support (OneUI 3.0)

- Keyboard function key color can be specified
- Fixed some crash issues
- Other app usability improvements and bug fixes
- Theme wouldn't be working well in One UI 3( R OS) devices before Good Lock 2021 open


There are a lot of changes compared to the previous version. Please feel free to feedback any inconvenience you find during use.

//Since OneUI 2.5
■ Create, apply, and delete keyboard themes ( create a theme in Keys Cafe)
■ App's theme setting feature
■ A feature to apply the app icon from theme store
// Common
■ Improve the screen to create themes
■ Theme management screen created by theme park
■ New Easter Egg
■ A lot of other features that can not be written down


- Fix broken title animation on dex mode.
- Fix the issue that a theme is not applied on some screen.


- Improving the visibility of themes.
- Adding a style for dark mode
- Improving usability and some bug fixes

Bug fixes
Fixed preview screen error in WQHD resolution.
Fixed FC when selecting OK without selecting color in the color picker.
Fixed other minor bugs.

New feature
Added the ability to use the current wallpaper.
We applied theme for keyboard.
Added the ability to save the last edit screen when loading the app and load it when running.


New feature
Dark mode support
-Dark mode can be used even with the theme applied, including Resource for Light mode and Dark mode in one theme.
-You can change the theme for Dark mode by changing to the Dark mode edit screen from the menu.
Main color and style customization
-You can decide the main color you want.
-You can edit the style by pressing and holding the Style you want to change.
-The color of the theme is wrongly specified to improve the visibility problem.

Theme Park is a service to create a theme and install it quickly and easily.

It extracts dominant colors from wallpaper and creates theme automatically based on user's style and the colors. Users can see the final appearance from preview screens. Create your own theme that can express your personality!

Main feature

▣ Creating a theme from a background image
■ The theme color is automatically determined from the background image.
■ You can change the colors of the style.
■ The theme include colors for light mode theme and dark mode.
■ You can edit the color of the icon or the color of the tray. (OneUI 2.0)
■ You can apply icon packs downloaded from the theme store. (OneUI 2.5)
■ You can change the color of the keyboard and key cap images. (OneUI 2.5)
■ You can customize the quick panel as you wish. (OneUI 3.0)

▣ Creating a theme for samsung keyboard (OneUI 2.5, with KeysCafe)
■ You can apply a keyboard theme separately from the main theme.
■ You can easily create a keyboard theme by selecting a basic color and style.
■ You can customize keycaps and text colors to your own color or image.
■ Templates for key cap is provided.

▣ Deciding whether to apply the theme for each app (OneUI 2.5)
■ You can decide whether to apply the theme for each app.

▣ Creating a theme for quick panel (OneUI 3.0)
■ You can apply the theme for quick panel separately from the main theme.
■ You can easily create a theme for a quick panel by selecting a basic color and style.
■ You can change the color of each part of the quick panel.

▣ Tablet device support (OneUI 3.0)
■ You can use the theme park on tablet devices with OneUI 3.0 or higher.
■ Landscape mode is also supported on devices with sw700 or higher.

■ Previews could be not matched with actual screen that the theme is applied.
■ The applications supported by theme can be varied based on version.
■ Some features may not be available depending on the Android version.

To provide this service, following permission are needed.
■ Storage: Theme Park uses an image file in your device to find dominant colors and create theme that has harmonious colors.

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