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Samsung Video Player is a built-in system video player application(has no app icon) optimised for the Samsung Galaxy series, providing powerful video playback and the best user interface. If you install the Samsung Video Library application, you can enjoy convenient video viewing and management by simply tapping the app icon.

★ Main Features
□ Onscreen controls like Gesture seek, Pinch to zoom, and Volume and Brightness controls
□ Pop-up player for seamless multitasking (Video can be resized or moved anywhere on the screen while playing)
□ Capture. Save, edit, and share the moments you want to keep
□ Create GIF. You can create, edit, and share your own animated GIFs easily
□ Lock provided to prevent you accidental pausing or stopping a video from playing
□ Hardware acceleration to make video playback smoother
□ Support for Super slow-mo video playback and simple control
□ Play video on big screen devices, such as TVs, using 'Smart View' (MORE -> Share -> Smart View)

★ More Features
□ Editor : simple editing functions such as trimming, effects, and background music
□ Video enhancer : enhance the image quality of your videos to enjoy brighter and more vivid colors (requires H/W support)
□ Subtitles : can select the subtitles you’d like to view and configure their style (color, position, font, etc.)
□ Auto play next : play the next video automatically so you can watch videos continuously
□ Auto repeat : replay the video automatically
□ Play audio only : useful when you play music videos and only want to listen to the audio track
□ Playback speed : enable to see the Playback speed button so you can change the playback speed (0.5x~2.0x)
□ Auto screen fit : automatically adjust videos with black bars to fit the screen in landscape view

★ Some features are only available subject to device specifications (e.g. Smart View, Playback Speed)

* Some codecs may not be supported (e.g. DTS)
* SMPTE-TT and WebVTT are not supported in some countries (e.g. CHINA)
* Supported devices : Samsung Android devices (some models may not be compatible)

[Regarding the App Access Permissions]
To provide quality service, the app needs the following app access permissions.
- Mandatory Access Permissions : Storage (to allow the app to access/manage local video files)

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DPI APK 9ca5
September 30, 2022
arm64-v8a + armeabi-v7a
Android 10+
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