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Are you ready for access to the best books, audiobooks, documents, sheet music, comics, and more — for less than the cost of a paperback? Scribd, the monthly membership for readers, named “one of the best book apps on the market,” makes it simple for you to discover new reads and dive deep into the interests that matter to you.

Explore by Interest, get personalized recommendations, or check out collections hand-curated by our editors.

Membership includes 3 books and 1 audiobook of your choice every month, as well as unlimited access to our full document library and select titles.


· 3 books and 1 audiobook of your choice every month.
· Unlimited access to the world’s largest document library which includes official government reports, academic dissertations, detailed scientific studies, and more.
· Unlimited access to select books and audiobooks, hand-chosen by our editors.
· Store titles offline to enjoy at anytime, without an internet connection.
· Sync across all of your devices.
· Monthly membership subscription automatically renews for $8.99/month until you cancel.
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