Inheriting the classic glory of "Running Kart" for seventeen years, the roar of the drift engine at your fingertips returns, revisiting the journey of racing and drifting, and the new extreme experience is shocking! "Racing Kart Official Racing Edition" is jointly operated by Century Tiancheng and Tencent Games. The mobile game inherits the essence of the end-game gameplay of "Running Kart", and is highly adapted to the operation scheme of the mobile end, restoring the original silky drifting feel, allowing you to enjoy the fun of fingertip drifting. The classic racing car, the original engine is now back with a new look, and the classic car series is ready to go. 8 players in the racing props race are meticulously restored on the same stage, and there are more innovative gameplay modes that are infinitely fun. More classic and cute black chick babies with preserved eggs, enduring themed tracks, huts with great personality, social system full of love, etc., are committed to creating a drifting paradise for all players-an eternal prosperous hill for the majority of players.

Introduction to the official racing version of the Kart Run cloud game

The official racing version of Pao Kart Cloud Game has officially landed on the official platform of Tencent App Store. It only takes one click to open the instant play mode. Yongyongbao is the official game platform of Tencent Cloud Games, which contains a large number of highly popular high-quality cloud games authorized by genuine licenses.

Advantages of the cloud game version of Papao Kart Official Racing Edition

1. No need to wait to download a huge game client, just use the cloud service to start playing in seconds! 2. You can enjoy high-quality games with only basic equipment configuration! The cloud comes with super configuration! 3. Official authorization, free to play

传承《跑跑卡丁车》十七年经典辉煌,指尖漂移引擎轰鸣声回归,重温竞速漂移之旅,全新极致体验震憾来袭! 《跑跑卡丁车官方竞速版》由世纪天成与腾讯游戏合作联运。手游继承《跑跑卡丁车》端游玩法精髓,高度适配移动端的操作方案,还原出原汁原味的丝滑漂移手感,让你尽情享受指尖漂移的畅快。经典赛车,原装引擎而今焕新归来,经典车系整装待发。竞速赛道具赛8人同台精心还原,更多创新玩法模式欢乐无限。更多经典可爱的皮蛋黑妞宝宝,经久不衰的主题赛道,极具彰显个性的小屋,爱心满满的社交系统等,致力于为广大玩家打造全民漂移乐园——永远的繁荣山丘。


跑跑卡丁车官方竞速版云游戏现已正式登陆腾讯应用宝官方平台,只需一键点击,开启秒玩模式。 应用宝为腾讯云游戏官方游戏平台,收录海量正版授权的高热度精品云游戏。


1. 无需等待下载庞大的游戏客户端,直接借助云服务秒开即玩! 2. 仅需基础设备配置即可畅爽体验高品质游戏!云端自带超强配置! 3. 官方授权,免费畅玩
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