New features:
- Automatic translation of location names
- Severe weather alert notifications
- Added support for shortcuts. For now the 2 available shortcuts are the add location shortcut, as well as current location shortcut

Multiple bugs fixed as well, including but not limited to:
- Default city of each locale will no longer automatically be added every time app is turned on.
- Entire Clock and Weather widget is now clickable
- Removed location permission dialog appearing at wrong times
The Sony Xperia™ Weather app is a simple-to-use weather app that provides you with current weather info.

- Shows wind, humidity, high and low temperature and wind information for your current location
- Shows you the perceived temperature
- Easily set up and swipe between different locations
- Simple to use widget - Multiple weather locations - Celsius & Fahrenheit
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April 4, 2018
Android 4.4+
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