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Jeopardy! Words brings you a new twist that combines elements of classic word games like crosswords, anagrams and word searches along with America's Favorite Quiz Show®.

Jeopardy! Words brings you the same mind bending trivia that you know and love from the hit TV show - Jeopardy!™ and is brought to you by the makers of Jeopardy!™ World Tour and Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?!

Now you can enjoy the calming, relaxation of a Word game alongside the challenging, brain training of a Trivia game!

Choose how you want to play and improve your word or trivia skills to grow your knowledge!

➤ Escape and stimulate your mind by solving the word bowl or the trivia question
➤ Become a Trivia master with over 20,000 Jeopardy™ questions straight from the show!
➤ Grow your IQ and vocabulary – these questions and word bowls start easy and progressively get more challenging requiring you to connect the dots between trivia and words!
➤ Check in regularly for your Daily Challenge to build your skills and boost your Winnings!
➤ Excel at brain games with new questions and words everyday!
➤ Play anywhere and anytime! No wifi, no problem!

You can now solve fun puzzles in two different ways! Savvy with words and letters? Then set your eyes on the word bowl and see if you can make out the word from the letters provided. Do you have a high IQ and know a lot of facts? Then tackle the question hint and determine the answer directly before spelling it out!

Stumped on a tough question and no words are forming out of that word bowl? Jeopardy Words introduces exciting new power-ups to help you blast through those levels!

Jeopardy Words brings you an all new exclusive crossword gameplay that will allow you to enjoy solving puzzles and have fun learning at the same time!
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April 17, 2020
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April 17, 2020
Android 4.4+
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