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Speaky is a free language exchange app that helps you find language partners worldwide!

Join our amazing international language exchange community and discover the benefits of language learning through practice. You’ll get fluent in no time!

Practice and learn in the quickest, most efficient, and natural way on Speaky as you connect with pen pals whose native languages include Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Arabic, and a further 110+ languages!

If you find it hard to meet regularly with a real-life tandem partner (i.e. a language exchange partner), Speaky is your best choice! Finding a tandem partner to learn a language has never been so easy, accessible and instantaneous!


*** Our language exchange app highlights ***

+ Text chat
+ Text correction feature
+ Audio messages (coming soon)
+ File sharing (coming soon)

So why wait? —> It is 100% FREE, with NO ADS!


+ Sign up easily with Facebook or Google+

+ Simply select a language you would like to learn and choose your current level. Speaky will take care of the rest! 😃

+ Use our filters to browse our language exchange community and find the perfect pen pal. You’ll only get to see the language learners that match your needs. Speaky is the right place where you can find the French language partner or Chinese language partner you’ve always been looking for!

+ Engage conversation with language learners whose profile and interests match your expectations. You can simply use our chat or our audio messages feature to enhance your language skills.

+ Speaky helps you optimize your time by displaying potential language partners that are online first, hence increasing your chances to start an instantaneous conversation quickly. 5min of Spanish in the morning when you’re on the subway, 10min of Chinese during lunchtime, and 15min of French before you go to bed can definitely help you improve your language skills in record time!

+ Find the language partners you’ve already gotten in touch with easily by browsing your friends list.

+ Distinguish native speakers from other language learners easily thanks to our native and non-native tab. Your language exchange partner doesn’t necessarily needs to be a native to help you improve 😉 Speaky makes it easy for you to identify the language level of each language exchange community member.

+ You can also offer your help to other language learners in the languages you’re native or fluent in ;)

Speaky is the best complementary language exchange app to chat and put into practice what you've learned on Duolingo or Memrise, and never forget about your grammar or vocabulary again. We’ve made language learning easy and natural for you. Dive now into our incredibly diverse language exchange community from all around the world, make friends, discover new cultures, and get fluent in a blink of an eye! With more than 150 nationalities and 110 languages, hopefully you’ll find what you’re looking for! 😃


Stay tuned on what’s going on at Speaky!

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Learn Spanish, German, French, English, and get fluent! Also learn Korean, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Cantonese, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Arabic, and 100+ other languages!

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11.0.8 APK
November 10, 2020
Android 4.3+
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