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Thank you for using Smittestop. In this version the user interface has been improved to make it easier to report yourself infected.

Download the app and help stop the spread of COVID-19 in Denmark and a number of EU countries.

Smitte|stop is a digital contact tracing app. With smitte|stop we can all contribute to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The app is a supplement to the general guidelines and advice outlined by the Danish public health authorities in an effort to protect yourself and those around you from COVID-19.

Once you have downloaded and started using smitte|stop, you are actively contributing to breaking chains of infection. The app will send you an alert if you have been in close contact with another app user diagnosed with COVID-19. You can then rapidly follow the advice and guidance from the public health authorities on what to next – in this manner, you are actively helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

If you yourself test positive, you can share your result with other app users. Smitte|stop will then send alerts to other app users who have spent time near you. These alerts will not identify you as an individual.

It is voluntary to download and use the app – but the more people that do so, the more the app can assist us in preventing the spread of the virus.

How smitte|stop works
• When you activate smitte|stop, your phone uses random Bluetooth IDs to determine whether you may have in close contact with someone who has shared in smitte|stop that he or she has been diagnosed with COVID-19. The randomly generated IDs are being stored on your phone. The IDs will only leave your phone when you voluntarily choose to share in the app that you have COVID-19 using your NemID. The IDs change every 10 to 20 minutes and are not tied up to your identity.
• Smitte|stop uses your phone’s COVID-19 Exposure Notifications, developed by Apple and Google.
• No one can see your identity nor your location. And you can’t see the identity of those you may have been in close contact with, nor where they have been.
• Neither public authorities nor private companies have access to information about who you have been in close contact with. They also do not have access to any information in case you receive an alert in the app that you have been near someone who has reported being diagnosed with COVID-19.
• The app does not use GPS-based location to register data about your whereabouts.
• Basically, the app works like this: Two phones will recognise each other through the app and will then exchange random IDs by means of Bluetooth.
• At least once a day, the system will download keys for the random numbers that have been verified by public health authorities as belonging to people confirmed to be positive for COVID-19.

Expect updates with new features or improvement of the user experience.

When you download smitte|stop, you agree to Terms and conditions. You must also give consent once you have downloaded the app.

Smitte|stop is developed by the Danish Ministry of Health in cooperation with the Danish Patient Safety Authority, Statens Serum Institut, the Danish Health Authority, and the Agency for Digitisation.

Read more about the app at

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