App: Custom Bixby Button
Version: 1.1 (201704220)
Languages: 72
Package: com.superthomaslab.custombixbybutton
Downloads: 206
1.74 MB (1,826,768 bytes)
Min: Android 7.0 (Nougat, API 24)
Target: Android 7.1 (Nougat MR1, API 25)
Permissions: 7Features: 2
Uploaded April 22, 2017 at 5:20PM UTC by SuperThomasLab

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1.74 MB
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• Fixed white screen on app start;
• Added support for more Galaxy S8/S8+ models;
• Bug fixes.

This app requires a Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+ and will not work on any other device. Custom Bixby Button works with the April security patch. Custom Bixby Button teaches Bixby a lesson.

A better way to interact with your phone.
Custom Bixby Button makes your phone more helpful – assisting in completing tasks with for example Google Assistant, you are telling your S8 what it should be looking at.
Just push the Custom Bixby Button.

Bind Accessibility Service: This permission is required for the Accessibility Service. This is required to listen when the Bixby application comes to the foreground and to execute some actions. This app will not do anything without an enabled Accessibility Service. Please disable any other Bixby button applications' Accessibility Services before using Custom Bixby Button.
Do not disturb: This permission is required to change the ringer mode. This is an optional permission and the app will ask for it when required.

Custom Bixby Button understands more
With Custom Bixby Button, getting things done has never been so full of choices.
Custom Bixby Button interacts with your phone’s apps and shortcuts.
Plus, you can talk with Google Assistant because Custom Bixby Button understands you better.

Bixby learns.
Bixby opens Google Assistant.
Bixby opens apps, shortcuts and so much more.

• Back
• Home
• Recent apps
• Sleep (Root)
• Power button menu
• Scroll down (Root)
• Scroll up (Root)
• Open notifications panel
• Open quick settings
• Play/pause song
• Next song
• Previous song
• Toggle auto-rotate
• Torch
• Toggle ringer mode
• App
• App shortcut
• Search
• Screenshot (Root)
• Voice assistant (e.g. Google Assistant)
• Toggle split screen
• Switch to last app

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Custom Bixby Button (S8 / S8+) 2.1


Uploaded:July 19, 2017 at 8:50PM UTC

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Custom Bixby Button (S8 / S8+) 2.0


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Custom Bixby Button (S8 / S8+) 1.6


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Custom Bixby Button (S8 / S8+) 1.5


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Custom Bixby Button (S8 / S8+) 1.4


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Custom Bixby Button (S8 / S8+) 1.3


Uploaded:April 23, 2017 at 2:59PM UTC

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Custom Bixby Button (S8 / S8+) 1.2


Uploaded:April 22, 2017 at 11:31PM UTC

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Custom Bixby Button (S8 / S8+) 1.1


Uploaded:April 22, 2017 at 5:20PM UTC

File size:1.74 MB