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- Install custom localizations from XML files.
- Switch between installed localizations. Delete them by swipe or hold
- A lot of new tools for both translators and custom localization files creators (more info below)
- Slightly reordered items on settings screen
- More available message text sizes
- Changed text size of message and caption input field
- Enable Size Scaling: turn on to apply system font size changes (Settings - Text Size - Three-dot Menu)
- Reset text size to default in three-dot menu when some changes were made
- Chat text size now applies to replies too (only to the content)
- Chat text size no longer applies to bios and descriptions
- When playing a game, corresponding status will be set properly
- Icons when selecting output channel during call
- libtgvoip 2.2.2
- Fixed: Pause icon size in the in-app YouTube player is too small.
- Fixed: Alert dialogs are not translated regardless chosen language
- Fixed: "OK" cannot be translated
- Fixed: Bold text for some languages may be not bold in some parts of the UI
- Some other fixes

More on localization tools:
- Create new localization files right inside the app
- Make changes to installed localization files right inside the app. They are applied instantly without need to restart the app.
- Share Installed or Unreleased translations as XML file
- Quickly view which strings are untranslated by tapping switch in the header while viewing strings list
- Search for missing/extra whitespace in the beginning or the end of strings (highlighted in red): type " " in the search bar
- Search for other whitespace typos: type " ", " " to find accidentally duplicated characters
- And much more little tools while working with strings
An alternative Telegram client based on TDLib, with higher speed, slicker animations and experimental features.
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August 29, 2018
Android 5.0+
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