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Inheritance of Ninja Dao, fetters new life; the will of fire, inherited by you!
The story that has never ended, the ninjutsu that has never been witnessed, the passion and emotion that has never been forgotten, the concern and friendship that has never been let go, the fetters of fate that cannot be let go, will restart again!
Game introduction:
"Naruto: New Generation of Ninja" is an officially licensed big-world high-freedom turn-based strategy RPG mobile game. Players can play the unique original protagonists with five attributes of wind, thunder, water, earth, and fire, experience the classic plots and touching moments of the original, freely explore in the grand world, build the strongest ninja team, make friends, and fight side by side!
The original combo system, refreshing combo battle, exquisite combination and matching, and exciting semi-real-time round strategy micro-e-sports gameplay will bring you the ultimate gaming experience.
Luxurious original voice actors perform, awaken ten years of memories! Inheriting the classic gameplay, balance and adventure go hand in hand!



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