• Calcy does not rely on dust cost anymore
• Calcy can read more monsters at level 40
• Option for gender and genderless symbols
• Option to invert the 'Appraised' block
• Option to disable copying Calcy's raid team to your clipboard
• Reads IV, move-ratings, and appraisal from the screen
• Raid and gym counter - shows your perfect counters vs a raid boss - includes WEATHER buffs and BREAKPOINTS
• Renaming: Copy an adjustable nickname (e.g. with type symbols and calculated values)
• Gym badge progress reader
• Encounter Scan: See whether a monster can be perfect before even catching it
• Saving, filtering and exporting all your scans

• No login and no interaction with other applications -- you can not get banned by using Calcy
• Power-saving: only takes a screenshot when you instruct it to
• Usable in every language except Traditionally Chinese
• No need to leave the game while using Calcy IV
• Fully customizable outputs

IVs (individual values) are hidden values which determine how strong a monster can be. This means that two monsters of the same species can have up to 20% different maximal CP. Calcy IV helps you to decide in under a second whether a monster is worth leveling up or can be transferred immediately.

On startup, Calcy displays an unobtrusive and movable overlay button. By tapping this button once while in a monster screen, the app automatically calculates this monsters IVs. For fully evolved monsters, Calcy also calculates the DPS and the performance of your attackmoves when used either as an attacker or a defender.

By tapping the button while your teamleader gives his appraisal, you can read in the additional appraisal information to refine the result of Calcy.

By tapping the button in a raid boss (or gym defender) screen, Calcy shows you the bosses weaknesses and possible moves and tells you how to counter it with the best of your monsters either by pure damage or by damage together with durability. This calculations include the WEATHER buffs. Additionally, you can see the BREAKPOINTS of your monsters against this boss.

If you wish, Calcy generates a nickname (based out of many adjustable blocks containing e.g. IV, move types, DPS, and all other stats) and copies it to the clipboard from where you can insert it easily in the game.

By tapping the overlay button a longer time, you can insert the moves and the appraisal information manually. You can switch to the app to see all your scans, check how much it costs to level up the monster to a selectable level and what stats it has at this level, check all possible IV-combination, analyze the scanned attackmoves, their performance, their type effectiveness, and compare them to other moves, and fully customize Calcy to your personal preferences.

There is no need to insert the monster values manually. The app uses a screenshot and optimized text-recognition to read the needed values. Both the scan and the output of Calcy doesn't interfere with the game. Calcy uses the arc above the monster to get the exact monster level. This means you get the most precise IVs possible - and not just an average.
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October 10, 2018
Android 5.0+
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