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• AutoScan Updates:
- now includes raid boss and gym badge previews
- easier to start and Calcy remembers how you want to use it
• Simulate purification stats for shadow monsters
• PvP rank options in preview and renaming
Calcy IV safely calculates the IV of your little monsters without clicking anything and already in the encounter (catch) scan. Additionally it generates practical nicknames and perfect raid teams against every boss instantly accessible in the game.

Features include:
• Reads IV, Appraisal, and Moves from the screen without any risk of a ban
• Gives exact DPS, PvP-stats, Level-up costs and many more stats
• AutoScan allows you to scroll extremely fast through your monsters or their appraisal and see their IV or PvP stats without clicking any additional button
• Calcy's Battle Simulator calculates your perfect counters vs a Raid Boss and makes them accessible in-game – includes Weather buffs and Breakpoints.
• Copy an adjustable Nickname (e.g. with Type Symbols and calculated values).
• Gym Badge Progress Reader.
• Save, manage, sort, and export all your scans.

Other important features:
• Fully compliant with the Terms of Service (ToS) due to no login
• Can be used offline
• Power-saving: Only takes a screenshot when you instruct it to.
• No need to leave the game while using Calcy IV.
• Fully customizable outputs.

Calcy IV is an essential tool for every trainer and helps you to decide how strong a monster really is by calculating its IV (hidden values). This is now possible without any clicks and before you even caught the monster. Calcy IV also calculates the DPS and the performance of your attack-moves.

By pressing the overlay button a bit longer and tapping the green raid boss symbol, you enter Calcy's raid simulator. Here, Calcy shows you for every raid boss how to beat it and exactly how much damage you do in a raid. Of course, this calculation takes weather and friendship buffs and the different moves into account. You can then copy this team to the search bar of the game and -viola- you can insert all these perfect counters directly into PoGo.

Calcy also generates a nickname (based on many adjustable blocks containing e.g. IV, move types, DPS, PvP stats) and copies it to your clipboard. Then you can easily insert it in the game.

How to use:
1) Start Calcy IV and set your current trainer level
2) Switch to the game and tap the Calcy-Button in a monster detail screen (with CP, HP and so on)
3) Enjoy the results!
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December 2, 2019
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