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1) You can re-test URLs. This new feature can be useful if you want to collect more evidence on potential blocking, or if a test fails.
2) You can test many more websites in one go! By disabling the Max Runtime (of the website settings), you can test all of the URLs included in the Citizen Lab's global and country-specific test lists.

Other improvements:
- Improved runtime algorithm
- Test-specific settings have been moved to the Settings page
- UI tweaks

Are websites and social media apps blocked? Is your network unusually slow? Run OONI Probe to find out!

With this app, you will examine the blocking of websites and instant messaging apps, measure your network's speed and performance, and check whether systems that could be responsible for censorship and surveillance are in your network.

OONI Probe is developed by the Open Observatory of Network Interference (OONI), a free software project (under The Tor Project) that aims to uncover internet censorship around the world.

Since 2012, OONI’s global community has collected millions of network measurements from more than 200 countries, shedding light on multiple cases of network interference.

Collect evidence of internet censorship
You can check whether and how websites and instant messaging apps are blocked. The network measurement data you will collect may serve as evidence of internet censorship.

Detect systems responsible for censorship and surveillance
OONI Probe tests are also designed to uncover the presence of systems (middleboxes) that could be responsible for censorship and surveillance.

Measure the speed and performance of your network
You can measure the speed and performance of your network by running OONI's implementation of the Network Diagnostic Test (NDT). You can also measure video streaming performance with the Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH) test.

Open data
OONI publishes network measurement data because open data allows third parties to verify OONI findings, conduct independent studies, and answer other research questions. Openly publishing OONI data also helps increase transparency of internet censorship around the world. You can explore and download OONI data here:

Free software
All OONI Probe tests (including our NDT and DASH implementations), are based on free and open source software. You can find OONI software projects on GitHub: Curious to learn how OONI Probe tests work? Learn more:

To receive updates from the OONI-verse, follow us on Twitter:

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