6.1.5 :
* Added : Russian voice commands. Thanks Sergey.
* Added : Volume control from volume keys on Lockscreen (even screen off) (Android 5+).
* Added : Support for volume changing from Android Wear notification.
* Added : Host reordering.
* Added : Add support for more UPnP device to stream to.
* Fixed : Some bugs and details.
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Full featured Kodi / XBMC remote with widgets, streaming and sync capabilities.

Yatse is the most complete and stable Kodi / XBMC remote available and the best rated.

Take full control of your media center with complete library support, beautiful widgets, streaming, offline media sync, internal audio player, all optimized for phones and tablets.

Major functions:
◆ Voice Commands : Give orders in natural language
◆ Full Android Wear support
◆ Offline Media* : Download your media to your device for offline playing
◆ Internal Audio Player* : Listen to your music on your phone (Online and Offline)
◆ Offline library : List your library everywhere
◆ Modern and intuitive interface
◆ Support unlimited Kodi / XBMC devices
◆ Multiple widgets for fast remoting, now playing details or to list recent media
◆ Full support for Media Player Classic (MPC or MPC-HC) as an external player
◆ Cloud Save* : Keep your hosts and settings across devices
◆ Stream your media to your local devices or UPnP / AirPlay / Chromecast devices*
◆ Send your local media to your media center or UPnP / AirPlay / Chromecast devices*
◆ Custom Commands : Unlimited custom commands to gain access to all Kodi / XBMC functions
◆ AV Receiver plugins* : Allows direct volume control of your receiver from Yatse
◆ Completely configurable to fill all your needs

* DashClock / Muzei extensions
* Support all Kodi remote commands from optimized views or widgets
* Support Notifications and Lockscreen controls
* Quickly find your media with sorting / filtering and even a global search
* Detailed now playing views with direct selection of Subtitles or Audio streams
* Support all Android versions starting from 4.0 (ICS)
* Wake on Lan (WOL) support
* Multiple plugins for SMS / Call, Android notifications, ...
* Send media to your media center from YouTube or browser
* Optimized for speed and low battery usage even on older devices
* Support themes*
* API to control media center / Yatse from other Android applications

And much more, just install and try.

A complete Wiki is available on the website for help on installing and configuring Yatse, the Kodi / XBMC remote and your media centers.


Please use the website for support or feature requests, as comments on Play Store do not allow me to gather enough information or contact you back.

The free version does not contains ads. But some advanced functions (noted with an *) requires the unlocker to be used.
Please consider buying the Unlocker if you want to support the continued development of this application.

Keep in touch:
* Official website : http://yatse.tv
* Facebook : http://yatse.tv/Facebook
* Twitter : http://yatse.tv/Twitter
* Google+ : http://yatse.tv/GooglePlus

- Some features like streaming and offline sync work better with Gotham or later !
- This application support all Kodi / XBMC version starting from Frodo (12.x) to latest Kodi's beta | See http://kodi.tv/ to download the latest version.
- The screenshots contain content © copyright Blender Foundation | sintel.org / elephantsdream.org / bigbuckbunny.org / tearsofsteel.com
- All images are used under their respective CC Licenses | http://creativecommons.org
- Kodi™ / XBMC™ are trademarks of the XBMC Foundation
- Except the material attributed above, all posters, still images and titles depicted in our screenshots are fictitious, any similarity to actual movies copyrighted or not, dead or alive, is purely coincidental.
- No animal was harmed in the making of this app

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6.1.5 APK
April 8, 2016
Android 4.0+
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