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"Plants vs. Zombies 2" is a new sequel to "Plants vs. Zombies". On the basis of following the classic plant defense zombie gameplay, new plant energy, gesture props, zombie setting pictures and game level selection scenes are added. Players will be able to experience the three main battles of ancient Egypt, the Pirate Bay and the Wild West. Levels and other fresh elements. The game also integrates elements of real-time strategy, tower defense and card collection. Players control plants to resist zombie attacks and protect the botanical garden.
This game requires the player to have both the intelligence of the brain and the response of the cerebellum. After having the correct strategic thinking, it is necessary to rely on tactics to realize the strategy. The scope of tactics covers a wide range. The collocation of plants, the formation during battle, and whether to fight or defend when plants and zombies meet all belong to the category of tactics. The correct tactics are the key to the player's victory in the battle. To choose the right tactics, you need to analyze the situation first, and then make a decision. So to improve the tactical level is also to improve the ability to analyze the situation.
Friendly reminder: Dear players, this game does not support Android 4.4 and below, please pay attention to the mobile phone system version, thank you!



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Uploaded:March 16, 2023 at 5:54AM UTC

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