We've made Powerful Trading Simple with everything you 💜from our older app and all that you asked us for...
1. Market depth, 52-week data, circuit limits and OHLC data upfront
2. New features - Fundamental Data and Stock Insights to make confident buy/sell decisions
3. New UI with separate tabs for Orders and Portfolio
4. View portfolio metrics at once: Amount Invested, Current Amount, Total Returns Today's Returns
5. Toggle between ChartIQ and TradingView with just a click

👀Looking for a single platform for all your trading and investment needs?

📱Download the powerful investing and trading made simple Upstox app and join 1 crore+ customers to invest in Stocks, Mutual Funds, IPOs, F&Os, Commodities and Currencies at minimal brokerage charges.

⏫Upstox is one of India’s highest rated trading apps. With our smart and intuitive technology, online investments and trading is quick and easy.


  • Ready-made Option Strategies, the safer way to trade in options to maximise profit probability and minimise risks
  • Predict market direction and get pre-curated option trading strategies
  • Choose from low and high risk option strategies
  • Know profit probability, maximum profit and loss and funds needed
  • Interactive pay-off graph to know ‘take-home’ profit amounts at different levels of NIFTY/BANK NIFTY
  • TradingView charting library with 100+ indicators and 80+ drawing tools for technical analysis
  • GTT orders valid till expiry along with stop-loss and orofit-target order features
  • Pledge Demat Holdings with Margin Pledge to avail extra leverage for F&O trading
  • Build your own strategy directly from Option Chain.
  • Place basket orders - add up to 4 orders (legs) and place them all with a single click
  • Learning series exclusively dedicated for F&O
  • Dedicated desktop platform with advanced TradingView features
  • Enjoy Option Chain, Option Greeks, OI and IV data for analysis
  • 📈Stocks/Equities

    Intraday+Swing trading

    • Margin Trading Facility: Up to 2X leverage for Equity Delivery trading or buying certain stocks and holding them for up to 150 days
    • Instant price alerts
    • Instant Withdrawal from Upstox to registered bank account in 15 minutes
    • 3-leg GTT orders valid for 365 days with stop-loss and profit targets
    • AMO and CO orders
    • Enjoy up to 5X leverage on intraday trading
    • Explore the app without opening an Upstox account
    • Track live updates, LIVE stream market data and quotes from NSE, BSE & MCX
    • View OHCL (Open High Close Low) data
    • LIVE Nifty and Sensex price updates

    Long-term investing

    • Smart insights by analysts on why a stock is moving up or down
    • Scan through 5000+ stocks by their sector, technical indicator, or fundamental data. Eg. Top Gainers, Automobile Stocks, 52-Week High Stocks etc.
    • View company’s fundamental data - Shareholding pattern, company profile, financial ratios and more to make informed decisions
    • Find corporate actions and reports all at one place
    • Place orders during non-market hours and also place orders which are valid for a year.
    • Add up to 100 scrips per watchlist


    • 24/7 IPO
    • Invest via WhatsApp without opening an Upstox Demat account
    • Hassle-free, zero commission UPI based IPO applications

    💸Mutual Funds

    • 2,500+ Mutual Funds
    • Zero commission investing
    • SIP investments starting at ₹100/month
    • Find tax-saving funds using smart filter

    💸Brokerage, commission & other charges

    • Up to ₹20/order on Equity, F&O, Currency & Commodity
    • ₹0 demat account maintenance charge
    • ₹0 commissions on IPOs and Mutual Funds
    • Brokerage calculator Calculate & Compare Brokerage Charges Online: upstox.com/calculator/brokerage-calculator/

    📲Open an Upstox Demat & Trading account

    To know about our share market demat and trading app, visit Upstox.com
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    Twitter: twitter.com/upstox


    This release comes in several variants (we currently have 2). Consult our handy FAQ to see which download is right for you.

    2.0.7 APK
    January 25, 2023
    Android 5.0+
    2.0.7 APK
    January 30, 2023
    Android 5.0+
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    Upstox- Stocks & Demat Account 2.0.7


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    Upstox- Stocks & Demat Account 2.0.6


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    Upstox- Stocks & Demat Account 2.0.5


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    Upstox- Stocks & Demat Account 2.0.4


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    Upstox- Stocks & Demat Account 2.0.2


    Uploaded:September 9, 2022 at 12:14PM UTC

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    Upstox- Stocks & Demat Account 2.0.1


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    Upstox- Stocks & Demat Account 1.1.12


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    Upstox- Stocks & Demat Account 1.1.11


    Uploaded:July 18, 2022 at 4:31PM UTC

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    Upstox- Stocks & Demat Account v1.1.9


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