Element is both a private messenger and a secure team collaboration app that is ideal for remote working. This chat app uses end-to-end encryption to provide powerful video conferencing, file sharing and voice calls.

Element’s features include:

Advanced online communication tools
Fully encrypted messages to allow safer corporate communication, even for remote workers
Decentralized chat based on the Matrix open source framework
File sharing securely with encrypted data while managing projects
Video chats with Voice over IP and screen sharing
Easy integration with your favourite online collaboration tools, project management tools, VoIP services and other team messaging apps

Element is completely different from other messaging and collaboration apps. It operates on Matrix, an open network for secure and decentralized communication. It allows self-hosting to give users maximum ownership and control of their data and messages.
From version Element Secure Messenger (Riot im) 1.0.7:
List phone numbers and emails added to the Matrix account, and add emails and phone numbers to account.
This release also contains many improvements and bug fixes.
Full change log: github.com/vector-im/element-android/releases/tag/v1.0.6
Latest: 1.0.6 on September 13, 2020
Latest: 1.0.7 on September 18, 2020
Latest: 1.0.6 on September 13, 2020
Latest: 1.0.6 on September 13, 2020
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