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Help solve cancer while you sleep.

DreamLab is the flagship program of Vodafone Foundation Australia. It brings life to the Foundation’s purpose of empowering charities to use mobile technology to improve the health and wellbeing of Australians.

The app enables Australians to power a virtual smartphone supercomputer, to help speed up cancer research at Garvan Institute of Medical Research.

Download the app, choose how much data to give, and let your phone crack a piece of the cancer puzzle as it recharges.

With just 1,000 users DreamLab will process research data 30 times faster than what Garvan could do without it.

For Vodafone Australia customers, the data used for solving research problems is totally free on the Vodafone network in Australia (but if you’re also contributing over WiFi, you’ll be charged as per your WiFi plan). However some other functions in the app might use a very small amount of data which you will be charged for. For everyone else, you’ll be charged as per your mobile or WiFi plan for the data you contribute. Roaming incurs international rates.

The app is powered by Vodafone, with Vodafone Foundation supporting Garvan Institute with grants for three years. The DreamLab server is generously powered by Amazon Web Services, and the app was built by the clever team at b2cloud.
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October 19, 2015
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