Fully autonomous in Metro Phoenix

Get there with the World’s Most Experienced Driver™

The Waymo app makes it easy to get where you’re going in a safe, comfortable and fully autonomous car operated by the Waymo Driver — the World’s Most Experienced Driver. The Waymo Driver is now taking the stress out of people’s everyday drives and making it safe and easy for everyone to get around.

If you live in the Metro Phoenix area in Arizona (including parts of Chandler, Tempe, Mesa, and Gilbert) you can get a ride with Waymo One, our fully autonomous ride-hailing service, and be a part of the future of mobility.

Built with you in mind:

• Get around safely: The Waymo Driver has many lifetimes of driving experience in both on the road and in simulated scenarios. You can get to your destination safely and comfortably every time.
• Miles of confidence: The Waymo Driver knows your local roads and shows you what it’s seeing along the way.
• Enjoy your journey: Unwind in the backseat of your private, spacious, and clean car. Spend time catching up with a friend, or simply take a nap. You’ll look forward to every ride.

How the Waymo Driver works:

• Multilayered suite of sensors. Our cameras, lasers, and radar work together so the Waymo Driver can see clearly up to three football fields away in all directions, day and night. Safety is our top priority, so the Waymo Driver is trained and tested to carefully navigate in all driving situations and get you to your destination, stress free.
• Backed by real-world experience. The Waymo Driver has driven millions of miles over the past 10 years in all sorts of conditions. That’s on top of the billions of miles we’ve driven in simulation.

How do I get a ride with Waymo One?

• If you’re in the Metro Phoenix area and want to get around parts of the East Valley, download the Waymo app and enter your destination to request a ride.
• When your car arrives, it will be fully autonomous. No one will be in the front seats and you’ll have the car all to yourself.
• Just hop in the back seat, buckle up, and press the Start Ride button.
• Sit back and enjoy your trip! Watch the passenger screen to see what the Waymo Driver sees as it takes you to your destination. Our support team is always available to help when you need.

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August 2, 2021
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