As of now, you can also use the WeatherRadar in Android Auto. This way you can always see what the weather will be like on your car journey. With the first weather app for Android Auto, the following features are offered to you:

- Current WeatherRadar image always centered around your current location
- Automatic updating of your location
- WeatherRadar and RainRadar
- Split-screen support depending on your vehicle

We wish you a safe journey.

Key features of the Weather & Radar app:

• Accurate weather forecast
• Innovative all-in-one weather maps
• Weather alerts, rain and snow tracker
• Local air quality forecasts (AQI)
• Ski reports
• Expert weather, storm and climate news

🌞 Weather App
Be ready for everything this winter with Weather & Radar’s app, with accurate current weather reports and future conditions at your exact location in the US and around the world.

🌦 Weather Forecast
The latest forecasts for temperature and wind, probability of rain or thunder, sunshine duration and severe storm risk. Detailed data on air pressure, humidity levels and UV-Index. Plan further ahead with the 14-day weather trend.

Weather Map
Discover our industry-leading all-in-one weather radar, helping you to track rain, snow and storms coming your way. The enhanced weather maps allow you to view real-time weather conditions down to city and county level.

🌩 Weather Alerts
Using the latest weather modelling and storm tracking technology, our weather alert service will always keep you updated about dangerous severe storms, snow, ice and hurricane threats in or close to your area.

📰 Weather News
Our team of editors will bring you the latest weather, climate and environment news, including expert analysis and live videos during high impact weather events. From hurricanes to tornadoes and floods, we have got you covered!

🌊 Coastal Conditions
You can rely on Weather & Radar's free app to get the latest lake and ocean temperatures as well as frequently updated beach and nearshore weather, wind + wave conditions.

⛈️ 90-Minute Trend
Our 90-minute nowcast feature gives you all the local and time-critical data you need, using a blend of weather observations and high-resolution models to pinpoint the movement and arrival times of rain or storms around your location.

🌎 World Weather
Save any location and see current conditions for any number of global locations in our weather app. Global weather data and rain radar at your fingertips!

Use the weather app free of advertising with the in-app purchase and profit from the option to personalize your main page!

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2023.3.1 APK
February 7, 2023
Android 8.0+
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