Introducing Image Editing & Masking:

- Edit with your words: You can now tell your artwork what to do! Our AI understands natural language and can turn your words into stunning image edits.

- Mask it up: Draw masks over specific areas of your image to focus your edits where you want them. Dream will do the rest.

- Bugs be gone: We squashed pesky bugs to make sure your experience is as smooth as our AI-generated images.

Upgrade now and let your imagination run wild!

Turn words into photos & beautiful digital artworks using the power of AI! All you need to do is enter a prompt, pick an art style - and watch WOMBO Dream - AI Art Generator bring your idea to life in seconds. Do you want to create a photo, picture, drawing or painting that is your art work? WOMBO Dream - AI Art Generator is an art station for you. You can turn text into any image or photo you want.

It's like magic: simply type in whatever you want Dream to paint - such as “Alien Space Station” or “Rainbow Forest” - pick a style (Realistic, VFX, Anime, Avatar, Street Art etc.) and hit create!

You don’t need a paintbrush, pencil, or any art supplies to make beautiful artwork, all you need is an idea. Take a back seat and let WOMBO Dream unleash your creativity.

► Turn words into art, ask Dream to paint you:
- Movie Posters
- Song Lyrics
- Journal Entries
- Poems
- Star Signs
and much more!

► Explore art styles
Whether you’re looking for a vibrant colourful painting or something darker and more dystopian, WOMBO Dream has you covered with an array of selected styles.

► Edit with text
Customize your images & photos and adjust tiny details by writing a simple instruction. Whether you want to change the hair color, add a background, or adjust the lighting, the possibilities are endless. Create your own AI Generated Photos!

► Create art from images
Start with an image as a visual base for your prompt. Upload a photo or select one from our library, and watch our AI transform it into a masterpiece tailored to your vision. Transform photos of your partners or bring your kids artwork to life. Enjoy your AI Generated photos & images.

► Share Your Art & Go Viral
Share your art with your friends, family, or on social media to join the latest #AIArt trend.

► Get Inspired & Explore Artwork
Save your artwork to your profile so that you can view it for later, it’s that simple! Get an extra boost of inspiration by browsing the public gallery of amazing images generated by AI artists from all over the world. Explore and like the ideas of others and get your creative juices flowing!

► Have AI Generated Pictures & Images
Using advanced AI technology, you can turn any text into a stunning image in seconds. Whether you're looking to create a beautiful piece of art or design your own anime characters, our WOMBO Dream - AI Art Generator app has got you covered.

Our AI drawing and painting tools make it easy for you to create images that reflect your unique style and vision. With our art creator feature, you can experiment with different colors, textures, and patterns until you achieve the perfect look. Unleash your creativity and start making incredible images today with our WOMBO Dream - AI Generated Photo app.

► Who is WOMBO Dream?
WOMBO is a Canadian artificial intelligence(AI) company transforming the future of entertainment. Creativity is at the core of human interaction, we want to enable everyone to unleash their creative potential and power next-generation media that will make people laugh and smile! With over 140+ Million app installs to date, we’re just getting started.

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2.4.2 APK
March 24, 2023
Android 7.1+
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