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Geonection is one of the most accurate location trackers and free live GPS sharing locators from Wondershare Group. 📍 Geonection provides the most timely and reliable location information for finding your family and friends. Over 1,500 million Wondershare users from over 150 countries trust us and connect their family/friends or link them with our apps such as FamiSafe, Dr.Fone, Filmora. Geonection is one of the remarkable free live GPS location tracker/locator of the FamiSafe team.

Celebrate the release of the latest version V2.0.0 of Geoneciton! FREE TEST now and try to create your Circle on your phone. Your Geo-Safety will be protected by our free live GPS location tracker/locator soon! 💫

☀️Hottest Features
Location sharing feature of our free live GPS location tracker/locator!
● Join existing Circles to locate friends
● Create a new Circle to connect/link your family or friends
● Find my friends or family in Circles
● Share the real-time location with friends
● Notified when friends/family enter or leave the Circle

🗺️Location History
● Track/monitor Circle members' location history by timeline
● Know when your kids leave or arrive at a place
● See where the Circle member has been during the week (up to 30 days)

🔔Notifications and Driving Safe
● Notified when Circle members change their places
● Get details and monitor the driving of your loved ones

💡Why should I choose Geonection for location tracking?
● Share my location and connect/link my family in daily life
● Tracker to locate my kids which is good for parental control
● Live GPS locator to find my friends or family
● Unlimited Circles and up to 30 days of tracking history

How to join a Circle with Geonection-Family GPS Tracker & Find My Friends?
1. Register a Geonection app account
2. Enter the Circle code received from another circle member
4. Joined successfully and share location with circle members

'This is the best free real-time family GPS location tracker/locator on my phone! I use this free live GPS location tracker/locator to locate my kids. I can be notified if my kids change their location. It's secure so I don't have to worry about my kid's school life. This live GPS locator is better than any family link on google, Life 360, Zenly or isharing. It is more convenient to locate my kids in daily life. ' ——Brandon

'I've tried similar secure-related apps like Life 360, isharing and google family link before, but Geonection is different from other free live GPS location trackers/locators! It connects me with friends and links my family! It also helps me to find my friends. It makes my parents feel safer when I get out to meet new friends cuz they know my real-time location with this live GPS tracker. ” ——Taeyeon
'Geonection can not only help me track/monitor the location of my kids, but also helps me find my friends and it's free. It meets my needs! I love my life with this GPS tracker! NICE locator in Goole play store! '——Abel
'I used Geonection, Life360, and Zenly for tracking/monitoring family location, Life360 does a good job in saving power, but Geonection has better accuracy for a secure life and finding my friends.'——Nick

🔒 Security of Geonection
We care about your privacy and the security of your data. Therefore, we align our app with the security requirements of the CISA.

Other Recommendation from Geonection
Recommend apps for your phone: Dr.Fone, FilmoraGo, FamiSafe, Wutsapper. Other similar free live GPS location trackers/locators: Life 360,Zenly, find a location, Mspy, Spyic, Geozilla-GPS locator, iSharing, Carpin, google family link, find my kids, Family 360, Famio.

Wondershare is a global leader in creative software on phones/PC with 6 offices around the globe and 1000+ talented employees. 15 leading products like Fimora, MobileTrans, Dr. Fone.

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2.1.7 APK
March 23, 2023
Android 4.4+
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