Yahoo Messenger is now available in more local languages! We've also improved the contacts experience so it is easier than ever to find people to chat with.
Plus, a special shortcut for Android users only, now you can type "/gif", followed by any search term to get a random GIF to send. Try sending "/gif happy" in a message!
The all-new Yahoo Messenger is the fastest, easiest way to chat and share lots of photos and animated GIFs instantly. Plus, now you can unsend messages—yep, you can take it all back!

More than just a messenger:
• Chat one-on-one or in groups
• Yes, take backs! Tap "Unsend" to remove photos and messages from a conversation
• Instantly share lots of high-resolution photos at once
• Swipe to view photos beautifully displayed in a carousel
• Express yourself with animated GIFs
• “Like” messages and photos in the conversation
• Offline/low connectivity mode—anything you share will be posted once you’re back online
• Optimized for use with TalkBack

Yahoo Messenger is also available on the Web at

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April 11, 2016
Android 4.1+
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