In the Yandex.Fuel application, you can pay for fuel without leaving your car. This is convenient - no need to queue at the checkout or get out of the car in bad weather.
Now the application works on the Neftmagistral, Shell, Tatneft, ESA, PTK, Raduga, TRASSA and other small networks across Russia.

How to use:
Gas stations where you can pay for fuel in the application are indicated by green dots. When you arrive at such a gas station, select the column number in the card. Then select the type of fuel, how much you want to refuel and the payment method. Click "Pay" - the fuel will flow, and when the refueling runs out, you can leave. If something goes wrong, a message appears on the screen about what needs to be done.

From version Yandex.Fuel 3.18.1:

Worked on the design. Nothing big, but it's definitely better.

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