Yandex.Health is a mobile application that lets you get quick answers to your health-related questions wherever you are – in your own bedroom, out of town or on a business trip away from home. Consult with qualified doctors of various specialties, including GPs, pediatricians, gastroenterologists, gynecologists, dermatologists, urologists, allergist-immunologists, neurologists, venereologists, psychologists, cosmetologists and veterinarians, without making an appointment or waiting for your turn in a clinic – your request gets a response within minutes.

Ask any question about the health of an adult, a child or a pet. Use Yandex.Health to learn how to treat a minor burn or what to do for suspected poisoning, overheating or sprained ankle; find out when it is safe to just take a day off work and when you need to make an appointment with a doctor.
Get your medical test results explained by a professional, instead of looking it up online and self-diagnosing.
Receive a quick answer to a quick question in a 5-minute consultation, or take more time to give a detailed explanation of your problem.
Use Yandex.Health for a single consultation with one specialist from time to time, or save on charges by buying a subscription.
Read about health and wellness right in the app.
All Yandex.Health doctors have on average nine years of practicing experience. They consult from Moscow and other locations in Russia and have been vetted though tests and interviews and specially trained before joining the service.

• Pediatricians and general practitioners are available 24/7.

• Gynecologists, dermatologist and venereologist are available 8:00 to 24:00 Moscow time (GMT+3).

Yandex.Health is available to Russian-speaking users worldwide. Customers can pay 799RUB for a single 30-minute consultation with a general practitioner/ pediatrician – for getting a detailed explanation of their symptoms; or use a 5-minute consultation for getting a quick answer to their question or to have their test results explained by a general practitioner, pediatrician – for 199RUB.

Our repeat customers may appreciate our fixed-rate packages of 999RUB per month, which currently include ‘Women’s health’ for gynecological or obstetric problems, ‘Children’s health’ for parents concerned about their child’s health, or ‘Pet’s health’ for those who look after their pet. Those going on holiday might find it useful to buy our special three-month ‘Summer holidays’ package for the whole family for 1,650RUB. And, for 1,999RUB anyone can enjoy one month of unlimited consultations with any specialist. Other than consulting with a doctor, you can also make an online appointment with a psychologist for 2,799RUB per hour.

To have a medical consultation through Yandex.Health, simply choose the specialist you want to consult with, the type of consultation, enter your payment details and get your questions ready!

Yandex.Health is one of Russia’s first providers of telemedicine services.

Consultations, express consultations and information services are provided by Yandex.Zdorovye Clinic LLC and its partners.

Legal address: Russia, 119021, Moscow, st. Timur Frunze, 11, building 44, room 1520
Actual address: Russia, 123098, Moscow, st. Marshal Novikov, 17

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