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- Added two new input languages: Romanian, Burmese (Zawgyi) – Burmese requires a specific system font
- Added “ί” and “ώ” characters on Greek keyboard
- Added “ZenUI Instant Update”
- Added more long key press delay setting option
- Fixed the background image preview bug of customized theme
- Fixed crash bugs
- Other bug fixes
Annoyed by touchscreen keyboards? It’s time to experience ASUS Keyboard — the little typing tool that gives you big input advantages!
You’re able to type just the way you like, either by tapping with fingers and thumbs or by swiping smoothly across the keyboard spell out each word.

Whatever your preference, ASUS Keyboard has loads of useful tricks to speed up typing. Just flick your finger downwards to type a special symbol, or choose capital letters by flicking up — freeing your fingers to make selections on the fly.

ASUS Keyboard also offers accurate next-word prediction and suggestions, auto-correction and a learning capability. Coupled with a personal dictionary that’s quickly and easily edited, you’ll soon wonder how you ever typed without ASUS Keyboard!

[Key Features]
- Easy finger-flicking to speed up input: flick up for uppercase or down for symbols, or flick left or right on the space key to change the input method.
- Fast swipe-typing: type words simply by moving your finger over the keys in one smooth gesture, with no need to tap each letter.
- Intelligent learning and word suggestions: your frequently-used words are remembered and your personal dictionary is referenced for suggestions — just taps to select the right word.

1. Tap typed words to see and select alternative suggestions.
2. Long-press some keys to see more characters or symbols, and then just swipe to select.
3. Tap the down-pointing arrow alongside the suggestions bar for instant access to even more suggestions.
4. The quick-setting button at the left-bottom of keyboard allows you to switch between multiple languages.
5. To use Emoji and Emoticons, please go to Settings -> Language & input -> ASUS Keyboard settings -> Input languages to enable them. Then Emoji and Emoticons will be available on the quick-setting list.
6. To hide word suggestions, please go to Settings -> Language & input -> ASUS Keyboard settings -> Advanced settings -> Show word suggestions to choose your preference. This feature does not apply to Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Emoji, Handwriting and 9-key input methods.
7. To switch between VNI and Telex Vietnamese input method, please go to Settings -> Language & input -> ASUS Keyboard settings -> Vietnamese input method to choose your preference.

ASUS Keyboard supports only ASUS devices.

[Contact Us]
For more information about ASUS Keyboard, please visit http://www.zenui.com/
Email: [email protected]
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December 11, 2015
Android 4.2+
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