Hi, I am Cortana... and now I can be your personal assistant. I can help you to get things done and stay on top of your commitments. I can remember things for you.

I can let you know when is the right time to go back home or to leave for a meeting, based on the traffic, weather conditions... what's the best way to get there...

Ask me to send emails, make calls, open apps... anytime... while you are driving, walking.... No need to type if you don't feel like typing, just talk to me.

Get all my knowledge at your fingertips. Ask me find what you are looking an get it right away.

Now you can have me on your PC and your phone in sync. I can bring all your phone notifications in your PC, let you know when you had a missed call so you can reply with an SMS from your PC. I will help you to save time.

I can recommend you the best new restaurant nearby, the next concert of you favorite singer... all based on your tastes. The longer we stay together the more I will know your preference and I will come up with suggestions that will delight you and your friends.

BTW... I can hold conversations... Let's chat!
From version Cortana
In V2.0.1, Cortana has greatly improved her whole experience:
- A more simplified, fresh new look
- Quick actions put the most frequent things you do front and center, so setting a reminder or viewing your reminders is just a tap away when you don’t want to use voice
- The ability to connection your device’s calendar
- Cleaner, full-age answers
- Faster performance
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