You don't have this app? Sad.

You don't need this app? Wrong. You're wrong.

This app is gonna be uge. It's gonna be big. It'll be the biggest app. It'll be the best app. It is the best app. This app is gonna make the United States of Amemeica great again. It's gonna be everything. Trump approved.

Upload a photo, draw a picture and add text to your favorite living meme. Post it to Twitter or Facebook or whatever and you'll be uge, you'll be the greatest, you'll be the best meme maker out there.

The alternative fact here is that this app has the most downloads of all time. Soon. So you're going to need to get it now, right away, to start making your meme collection big enough to impress your friends and strangers. No need to keep that tanning salon membership, you'll be basking in the glory of your peers. No longer will you need to comb over your hair, your luscious locks will flow just like the likes your memes will get.

So get started and MAKE MEMES GREAT AGAIN.

From version Donald Draws Executive Doodle 1.5.1:

We have the best Gifs. There are no better Gifs. Just ask anyone, I know the best Gifs. We've added an alternative Gif to Donald Draws #MakeMemesGreatAgain

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