A simple SMS/MMS and call-log history backup for everyday use

◊ Backups of all your SMS/MMS, call-log history, contacts, calendars.
◊ Restore and merge old SMS/MMS, call-log history, calendars and contacts.
◊ Backup and restore your WiFi settings on rooted devices.

In-app purchases can be made to remove ads or unlock UI customization.

Will requests permissions to access the data being backed-up (SMS, call-log, contacts and calendars). You may refuse any of them depending on your actual need.

◊ DOES NOT PERFORM AUTOMATED BACKUP, which can be scheduled by 3C Toolbox (free app) or 3C App Manager (free app)

From version 3C Sensitive Backups 1.4.3a:

Remove all ads possibly causing CPU drain

(x86) (nodpi)
Latest: 1.4.3a on November 29, 2020
(x86_64) (nodpi)
Latest: 1.4.3a on November 29, 2020
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